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We have summarised some of the most important answers about internships and theses here for you. If you still need any more information, e-mail us at


Please apply exclusively online via our Talent Community. There you can see our current internship offers and also apply online. When you apply online, we create a personal Candidate Profile for you, which you can update and change at any time. This increases the chances that we can suggest a suitable internship position at HUGO BOSS in addition to the one you applied for. Click here to register for our Talent Community.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications by e-mail or postal mail. Also, please do not submit a general application - apply online for specific positions. If you have any questions about an internship, send an e-mail to:

Basically, internships are possible in all of our specialist departments – from Strategic Procurement to Sales.

Internships are usually advertised online about three to five months before the start date – in other words, from April for starting an internship in August/September and from October for February/March. Please apply only when the positions are advertised online and tell us in your application letter when you'll be available.

You'll find all current internship positions here: HUGO BOSS Job Ads

Please apply only for specific positions. We cannot consider general applications for internships.

You're welcome to apply for several advertised internships. When you apply online, we create a personal Candidate Profile for you, which you can access and add more positions to at any time, using your login details.  

  • You already have your intermediate diploma or you are in the second half of studying for your bachelor's degree.
  • You may already have some practical professional experience and are very interested in fashion.
  • You have proficiency in English (verbal and written communication).
  • You are familiar with MS Office applications.
  • You are committed and communicative.

·      Completed online application form

·      Résumé

·      Photo (optional)

·      Relevant certificates, such as your school graduation certificate, intermediate diploma, current university reference, letters of recommendation from previous internships, and training certificates

·      Letter specifying when you would like start and for how long

·      Possibly, other documents, such as sketches or work samples

Upload all the documents to our Talent Community via the application form.

You will be sent a confirmation e-mail as soon as your application is received. However, we do need some time for the application process, as we have to coordinate with the respective specialist departments. Generally, you'll hear from us in four to six weeks. We will reply in any case.

Ideally, six months. This ensures that you really get to know the respective specialist unit and are able to provide effective support in projects. The individual job ads state how long the internship is intended for.

Our internships are offered only to university or college students. However, we do offer school students the chance of a one to two-week trial internship.

During your internships, you will receive a monthly wage of €670 (if you do not have a degree) and €950 (if you have a degree). We also pay a distance-based travel allowance. Social insurance contributions have to be paid within the scope of a voluntary internship. These are not paid in the case of a mandatory internship.

Yes, you can apply again for vacant positions if you were not selected the first time you applied. There can be many reasons an applicant is not selected and it is quite possible that you are just the person we are looking for at a later time or for a different position. So, don't give up, we look forward to receiving your application.

We'll be happy to help you find accommodation by providing you with contacts and addresses.

Yes, you are entitled to holidays as an intern. You are entitled to two holiday days for each full month of employment. You could use these, for example, to organize your studies.

In cases such as these, we ask that you withdraw your application to HUGO BOSS online via your personal Candidate Profile. Naturally, you can submit an application to us again at a later date.

You would like to apply for a position at HUGO BOSS? Certainly this data is helpful, especially when it comes to attachments to your applications.

Supporting web browser for the recruiting system
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 to 11

Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari 5, 6, 7
Google Chrome

Formats for document upload in the application assistant:
.doc; .htm; .html; .pdf; .txt; .ppt; .xls; .gif; .png; .jpg; .jpeg; .rtf; .bmp; .xlsx; .docx; .pptx

maximum file size
10 MB

Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 or higher

Pop-up windows
Allow pop-up windows

Network bandwidth
Recommended connection speed 300 - 400 kbit/s


Supervision of theses by HUGO BOSS is possible only in combination with an internship of at least six months. Therefore, please apply for the advertised internship positions, mentioning in your letter that you are interested in preparing a thesis upon completion.

Basically, theses are possible in all of our specialist departments – from Procurement to Sales.

Generally, you should factor in three to four months, possibly up to six months, to prepare a thesis.

You will receive a flat-rate payment of €1.200 as an allowance that is divided equally over the months of your agreement. When you submit your thesis, you receive a performance-based bonus. If your thesis is linked to a temporary hire student job, this is remunerated separately.

We'll be happy to help you find accommodation by providing you with contacts and addresses.

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