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Assuming responsibility only has real meaning if the people acting on behalf of HUGO BOSS around the world follow suit.

Employees are the key asset of any organization. We – as a future-minded company – demonstrate our sense of responsibility towards our colleagues by promoting the arts, providing training and further education, and offering social services.

This includes a policy of ongoing human resource development designed to identify and strategically promote the strengths and potential of individual employees. HUGO BOSS offers flexible family support programs enabling working parents to pursue careers while raising children.

We also promote measures designed to keep our staff healthy and happy. Nutritionally balanced menus in the company cafeterias and an advisory service on work-life balancing are just two of the many benefits available to our employees every single day.

Delegating responsibility is just as important as assuming it. We believe that each of our employees is capable of great things, not least as part of a highly-motivated team combining multiple disciplines. Openness is therefore a core component of our corporate culture.

Company management pledges to be open towards the workforce and expects employees – regardless of their post or position – to reciprocate in kind.


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