Materiality Analysis

A comprehensive materiality analysis was carried out in 2015, encompassing internal and external stakeholders. The aim was to raise the profile of the most important strategic issues in the area of sustainability and to make them even more tangible in relation to business opportunities and risks for HUGO BOSS. A further objective was to create a stronger link with the six defined action areas. The materiality analysis was based on the following steps:

Internal review and definition of sustainability issues relevant for HUGO BOSS
As part of the first step, a large number of sustainability-related topics were identified within the Company. The topics all carry strategic relevance for the business operations of HUGO BOSS and are regarded as significantly important by its stakeholders. After reconciliation with the requirements of relevant sustainability standards and a media analysis, 40 sustainability issues identified as relevant for HUGO BOSS were allocated to the three dimensions of “Governance”, “Environment”, and “Social Engagement”.

Online survey and personal interviews of internal and external stakeholders
The development of the materiality matrix started with an online survey. It yielded a prioritization of the 40 sustainability issues and an assessment of the current performance of the Company in the individual areas. More than 1,200 people from different stakeholder groups such as non-government organizations (NGOs), employees as well as investors took part in the survey. The online survey was complemented by personal interviews with stakeholders, including representatives from non-government organizations, SRI investors, suppliers, and the works council.

Establishment of materiality matrix
The results of the external and internal assessments were mapped in a materiality matrix. The 40 sustainability issues were plotted in 14 overarching thematic blocks in order to facilitate their integration in the corporate processes.

A detailed description of the procedure can be found in the Sustainability Report 2015, p. 17 ff.

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