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Due to the nature of its business, HUGO BOSS is engaged with various stakeholders across the entire value chain. In order to successfully engage with all stakeholder groups and to build up trustful relationships, HUGO BOSS integrates their requirements in the development of the sustainability strategy through its stakeholder dialog. The Company differentiates between the needs of different stakeholders and implements an engagement approach tailored to the individual characteristics of each group. As part of this process, HUGO BOSS conducts analyses of its most relevant stakeholder groups, classifies and prioritizes them. The analyses are taken as guidance for future engagement activities. Details on the activities can be found in the Stakeholder Engagement Commitment (see Downloads). The involved stakeholder groups include employees, customers, business partners, shareholders and investors, non-government organizations, representatives from business, academia and government, and from the community at large.

Apart from the comprehensive materiality analysis that was carried out in 2015, encompassing internal and external stakeholders, HUGO BOSS responded to numerous customer inquiries relating to sustainability, including direct communication with the media, human rights and animal welfare organizations, and consumer protection associations. HUGO BOSS intensified its existing contacts with research institutions, cross-sector initiatives and cooperation with non-government organizations, and animal welfare and species conservation organizations, and continued to expand its engagement with these stakeholders. Participation in multi-stakeholder initiatives was also intensified during the year 2015.

As part of this activity, HUGO BOSS joined the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles of the German Federal Government in 2015 in order to link up with other companies in making a contribution to put responsibility in globalized supply chains. Government, industry, trade, associations, and non-government organizations (NGOs) work together to develop pathways and measures for improving working conditions in the production countries and to enhance product safety. Besides, the first ever HUGO BOSS Supplier Day was held for strategic suppliers at the Izmir facility last year. At this event, the HUGO BOSS sustainability program, which is to be implemented in conjunction with the suppliers, was presented. The resultant requirements, e.g. in connection with ensuring social standards, establishing professional environmental management and minimizing the use of chemicals and other potentially hazardous substances in production, were outlined together with an elaboration of the possibilities which HUGO BOSS has for assisting its partners in the implementation of the program.

Apart from this, HUGO BOSS stays in constant exchange with institutional investors, financial analysts and private shareholders as part of its Investor Relations activities. The Managing Board takes part personally in the Annual Press and Analysts’ Conference, the Investor Days as well as a large number of additional investor meetings. Whenever the activities and projects of the Company impact the interests of the public, HUGO BOSS engages in an open and constructive dialog with the parties involved.

HUGO BOSS also actively promotes continuous communication between the employees and the Managing Board. The employees have a variety of opportunities to discuss issues with the members of the Managing Board in various discussion formats such as the Managing Board Forum, the Managing Board Breakfast, and the works meeting of HUGO BOSS AG held once a year.

The employee dialog was also in the focus of the Sustainability Days at the sites in Metzingen and Coldrerio. These events were held for the first time in October 2015. The information event will be held regularly in future and it aims to provide employees with more information about sustainability concepts and make them more tangible. In the context of the Sustainability Days, the first Sustainability Award was handed over to employees who have engaged actively with innovative ideas. The award was presented for the idea on polybag packaging for jersey products (incl. T-shirts). The transparent bags have been reduced to half their original size – with corresponding savings on materials and costs. The idea is currently being implemented and is also being tested for other product areas.

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