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Due to the nature of its business, HUGO BOSS is engaged with various stakeholders across the entire value chain. Facing the expectations of its main stakeholders, identifying different requirements and discussing challenges and possible solutions – all these aspects are seen by HUGO BOSS AG as a business necessity and an opportunity to create added value for both society and the Company. 

As part of this process, HUGO BOSS conducts analyses of its most relevant stakeholder groups, categorizes and prioritizes them. The analyses are used as guidance for future activities. Main stakeholder groups include employees, customers, business partners, shareholders and investors, non-government organizations, representatives from business, academia and government, and from the community. Further information can be found in the Stakeholder Engagement Commitment (see Downloads).

In developing and implementing the sustainability strategy, HUGO BOSS relies on the dialog and collaboration with its stakeholders. For example, a comprehensive materiality analysis implemented in 2015 has since served as the basis for further strategy work. This materiality analysis included personal interviews with key internal and external stakeholders, as well as a survey covering all relevant stakeholder groups. 


The Group maintains a direct exchange with its stakeholders throughout the year. HUGO BOSS fosters dialog with existing partners, such as with research institutes and cross-sector initiatives, as well as cooperation with non-government organizations and animal welfare and species conservation organizations. Furthermore, HUGO BOSS is in regular exchange with customers, human rights and consumer protection associations and the media. Whenever the activities and projects of the Company influence social or environmental aspects, HUGO BOSS seeks to engage in an open and constructive dialog with the parties involved. Participation in multi-stakeholder initiatives is continuously expanded.

Since 2016, HUGO BOSS is hosting the international “Bad Urach Dialog” on an annual basis. During two days, the participants including representatives of various non-governmental organizations, union representatives, supply chain experts, researchers and partners met with members of the HUGO BOSS management team and openly discussed important issues regarding sustainability. At the first two Dialogs, HUGO BOSS received many new ideas, as well as acknowledgment for what has already been achieved.

This Stakeholder Dialog format is organized on a regular basis. Further information can be found under “Bad Urach Dialog“.

HUGO BOSS stands for an open and constructive dialog culture – in particular with its employees.  An ongoing exchange between employees and the Managing Board is actively encouraged at HUGO BOSS through different formats. Employee representatives are involved in the analysis and discussion of strategically important issues relevant for the Company in the future. 

In 2017, the internal series of events “Thinking Beyond – Acting to the Point” was introduced. It replaces the Sustainability Days that have been held annually since 2015. Throughout the year, the newly introduced series provides the opportunity for employees to gain a deeper understanding of different sustainability topics at HUGO BOSS. In different formats, internal and external experts, as well as suppliers of HUGO BOSS presented their sustainability activities and opened the discussion for employees. Aim of the event series is to raise awareness and create inspiration for more sustainable behavior among employees.

HUGO BOSS has traditionally enjoyed an open and trusting collaboration with strategic partners and suppliers. Since several years, a “HUGO BOSS Supplier Day” is held for strategic suppliers. 2015 was used for example, to present the HUGO BOSS sustainability program, which was to be implemented in cooperation with the suppliers. Requirements, such as regarding the safeguarding of social standards and minimizing the use of chemicals in production were outlined, as well as how HUGO BOSS can support its partners in implementation. Numerous strategic suppliers again participated in 2016 and discussed in several workshops, how to develop a more sustainable supply chain and which added value can be created through greater transparency. 

In addition, since 2005 the annual “Operational Excellence Day” takes place at the Group’s production site in Izmir. These so-called OPEX Days offer a platform for an open exchange between companies from different industries. Under the slogan “SMART WORLD, SMARTER BUSINESS, On the Way to Industry 4.0“, approximately 300 people from different stakeholder groups met at HUGO BOSS to discuss innovation and sustainability issues.

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