Bad Urach Dialog

Klaus Arnold Grafisches Atelier Dettingen/Erms

In October 2016, HUGO BOSS invited to its first international Bad Urach Dialog taking place in the monastery of Bad Urach. Apart from HUGO BOSS CEO Mark Langer, about 20 external stakeholders as well as internal experts from different departments attended the event.

The main purpose of the first Bad Urach Dialog was to give relevant stakeholders and organizations the opportunity to state their perceptions and opinions on the HUGO BOSS approach to sustainability. Besides, the Materiality Analysis, possible cooperations with universities and alliances as well as existing customer expectations were discussed. The open dialog has provided us with valuable and constructive feedback with regards to the refinement of our sustainability strategy.

Key takeaways from the dialog were:

  • a focus of the sustainability activities to clearly defined priorities in order to strengthen profile and influence
  • cooperation and alliances foster an open exchange, transparency as well as the impact of initiatives
  • innovation as a means to develop viable products and increase customer service.

The dialog series will be continued next year. It offers the chance to integrate external viewpoints into the strategic decisions concerning sustainability at HUGO BOSS.

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