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HUGO BOSS’ fashion and lifestyle products set themselves apart with their extraordinary designs and excellent quality. This is largely thanks to our creative division, where fashion designers and other experts perform their jobs with a great deal of passion. Take the opportunity to engage in fascinating tasks in our creative division. From idea to finished product – many creative minds and skilled colleagues are involved in each step of the process. You can put your talents to work here and contribute to the success of HUGO BOSS.

Responsibilities in the creative division

What trends could we incorporate in the upcoming collection? What do our customers want? How can we produce items more sustainably? These are questions that are answered by our creative division. It is the creative heart of HUGO BOSS. With their specialist skills and knowledge, designers and many other experts ensure that great ideas become models for production. Creativity and skilled craftsmanship are equally as essential here as managerial expertise. In future, we aim to concentrate on our core brand, BOSS, as well as our HUGO brand. BOSS represents authentic, subtle quality in the women’s and men’s fashion sector. HUGO is all about progressive looks and modern, urban positioning.

Designing fashion in the premium segment
A huge number of steps must be completed before a customer can have our new regular-fit suit made of pure virgin wool in their hands. The same goes for our oversized-fit coat, which is made of an elastic material mix in a houndstooth pattern. A new clothing item or accessory always starts out as just an idea. But what do we do to change tried and true products? And what is new about what we’re doing? As a designer at HUGO BOSS, you’ll play a major role in determining what makes us stand out: modern ready-to-wear pieces, elegant evening dresses, sportswear, shoes and leather accessories in the premium industry that are well-known and sought after the world over. Our designers are in charge of their own work, from the design stage to selecting colors and materials to development and production. With a great flair for understanding our customers, target groups and new trends, they act upon their creativity, while taking costs and feasibility into account.

Using the latest technology
Mastering modern tools is just as important in our creative division as skilled craftsmanship. For example, we use product lifecycle management software and develop our collections digitally. Our specialists use these programs to visualize product portfolios in 3D and create virtual patterns, materials and add-ons (e.g. buttons), as well as details like drawstrings.

Management in the creative division
In the creative division, we also rely on the knowledge of experts with strong organizational and management skills. They manage, coordinate and document technical product developments, such as the technical development and production process from prototype manufacture to serial production, and in doing so ensure that creative ideas are implemented while complying with certain specifications. In addition to a good grasp of quality, fashion, colors and trends, a team leader for fabrics and trimmings must also have good leadership and communication skills and be assertive. They must also demonstrate their expertise in supplier management when purchasing fabrics and additions.

International and interdisciplinary
Work in the creative division is shaped by great positive energy and an international flair. Here, at the starting point of our new collections, fashion designers and other specialists with great passion for clothing work together, engaging in close discussions and exchanges both within their teams and with other teams, for example with brand management, which position our products in terms of image and pricing and works closely on the collection development process.   

Requirements in the creative division

The creative division is where we lay the foundations of our success. It’s where we design the clothing that makes us a top provider in the premium segment, whose products are known and treasured the world over. Our employees in the creative division are very close to our products and stand out from the crowd through a great passion for fashion and the collections they work so closely and carefully on. In the process, despite their great creativity and individuality, they never lose sight of our customers and target groups.

Opportunities for creatives and organizational talents
In addition to a highly developed fashion sense in the premium segment and a good knowledge of our target groups, what else are we looking for? That largely depends on your specific job. Our creative division offers a huge range of different job opportunities, from highly creative positions to highly organizational ones. As a pattern designer for pattern and model production, you need to have professional experience as well as a good knowledge of cutting techniques and excellent computer skills; in addition to MS Office, you’ll be using SAP, PLM and Assyst. As the fashion designer in charge of a collection like BOSS Menswear Smart Casual, you should have several years of professional experience in the premium segment, speak fluent English and be highly organized, in addition to having a relevant degree or training. As well as a specialist knowledge and skills, team leaders ultimately also need to have good leadership skills in order to lead highly motivated teams.

A team-oriented work culture
Many jobs in the creative division are highly specialized, but what unites all our employees is their goal of developing exclusive designs for HUGO BOSS that are successfully sold at our shops and stores worldwide. This requires a team-oriented work culture in which we can engage in open discussion, support one another and look for optimal solutions creatively, effectively and in an organized manner. Only in this way can we successfully develop and produce new collections in such a fast-paced market, driven by the digitization of the retail industry. For many of our employees, thinking outside the box like this is no chore. Instead, it’s hugely enriching to their everyday work. Put your talents to use in this inspiring, international environment full of people who really care about their jobs.

Careers in the creative division

Creative newcomers are just as welcome as seasoned experts. You’ll find many attractive positions in HUGO BOSS’s creative division for applicants with a wide range of different backgrounds, capabilities and skills. The diversity of our staff is hugely important to us since different points of view foster creativity and boost performance. Starting a job in the creative division generally takes place at our headquarters in Metzingen, though attractive positions also regularly open up at our subsidiaries.

Career paths for entry-level candidates, experts and executives
At HUGO BOSS, we place a great deal of importance on furthering the education and training of our employees. We use regular feedback meetings to create your individual development plan for the future. This allows you to benefit from relevant training courses that help you systematically expand upon your knowledge and skills – whether you’re just starting out, or as an expert or executive. You’ll then take your next career steps as an expert with your team, your department or beyond if it is possible and that’s what you would like to do. If you succeed there, you may earn yourself a position as an executive. For example, one possible career path is to start off as a Junior Designer, later becoming a Designer and then Senior Designer, ultimately landing a position as Head of Design for a collection line. 

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Advantages at a glance

  • Collections in the premium segment
  • High level of job engagement
  • Inspiring, collegial teams
  • International work environment
  • Modern tools and workplaces
  • Regular feedback and training
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