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HUGO BOSS is insistently driving the digital transformation of the whole company forward. That is the company’s response to changing markets and new customer behavior. More and more people are shopping online with high demands for quality service – and they expect digital online stores and traditional shops to be closely intertwined. The digital revolution is affecting all processes and structures within our company, and it calls for a work culture that is transparent and responds to change flexibly. In this dynamic environment, we can offer you a wide range of exciting positions in which you can decisively contribute to shaping the digital world of HUGO BOSS.   

Responsibilities in the digital division

The digital division at HUGO BOSS covers all employees whose roles involve the planning and implementation of our company’s digital strategy – working closely with other divisions such as IT and Retail. Among other things, this involves our global e-commerce business and its link to our retail business – everything we do is catered to our discerning customers. We also aim to provide them with a perfect shopping experience online. Our ultimate aim is to become one of the leading omnichannel suppliers of fashion and lifestyle products in the premium segment.

Wide-ranging expertise
Within HUGO BOSS’ digital division, you can join and pursue a career in Operation Management, Shop Management, Customer Care, Content Marketing, Performance Marketing or Digital Publishing. We also offer positions in the fields of CRM, Social Media, Merchandising, and Product Content Management. The work performed by our digital experts – all of whom play a part in HUGO BOSS’ success either at our headquarters in Metzingen and our subsidiaries worldwide – is equally as diverse. All activities are ultimately aimed at digitizing our development and production processes, expanding our e-commerce business and its omnichannel services, and optimally linking our online services with our retail business. This includes all services for customers relating to presentation, purchasing, and ordering, as well as the collection or exchange of our premium products. You can apply your talents in this area as an Operations Manager, Marketing Expert, or CRM or Social Media Specialist.

Developing omnichannel services
Our customers can already check whether a product offered online is also available in their nearest store. We are also expanding our “Click & Collect” service, which for example allows customers to collect goods purchased online from a store, or to order sizes or products not available in-store themselves online. Our long-term aim is to fully exploit the opportunities offered by the digital revolution along the whole supply chain. We are developing a growing number of digital products which make our in product development and production more efficient and also make the shopping experience more attractive for our customers.

Your expertise on our future topics
Our digital showrooms are a special highlight. They allow us to display the complete collection digitally, which hugely simplifies and optimizes the global ordering process. We also need the professional knowledge of our digital experts for many exciting future projects, such as the virtual fitting room, which will offer our customers even better service when selecting high-quality HUGO BOSS products. Also in 3D product development, with which we reduce lead times in the development and production of our collections, and guarantee consistent product standards.

Passionate and transparent
As a digital expert, you are also an ambassador for the digital transformation of our company. The digital revolution affects almost all processes at HUGO BOSS, and calls for a high degree of flexibility and readiness to change. It is important for the company’s success that all employees understand and exploit the benefits of the new systems, processes, and working methods so that our culture of collaboration can develop digitally. In your career at HUGO BOSS you can play an important part in this by carrying out your work thoroughly, transparently, and with passion. 

Requirements in the digital division

Whether you are trainee, university graduate, or experienced professional – as an employee in the digital division at HUGO BOSS you should have an eye for detail and a talent for thinking outside the box.

Digital expertise required 
Depending on the specific position, certain skills and knowledge are required. If, for example, you are still studying and completing an internship in online marketing SEA, you should be able to demonstrate a strong interest in e-commerce and a willingness to learn. As a Senior CRM Campaign Manager, you already have extensive conceptual, strategic, and technical expertise, which you apply to design and implement successfully target-group-specific CRM/omnichannel campaigns.

In addition to good analysis and project management skills, a number of digital positions require knowledge and professional experience in online marketing, CRM, customer loyalty, and the latest key tools. You will have acquired these skills through a university course in Business Studies, Marketing, Communication, or similar. Customer service is of high importance for you, and you naturally focus on the desires and expectations of internal and external customers.

A job for communicators and team players
In all digital jobs at HUGO BOSS you are working closely with national and international colleagues from other divisions, as well as with suppliers and customers. You should therefore have a good or very good command of English and, depending on your specific role, have mastered an additional foreign language. You are decidedly flexible, you courageously go forward with new ideas and you are interested in the latest developments in your field. As a team player, you benefit from a work environment at HUGO BOSS in which values such as tolerance, respect, and cooperation are lived out through our day-to-day work.

Careers in the digital division

The digital revolution creates numerous opportunities for those starting and advancing their careers. As a student, graduate, experienced professional, or executive, you have various opportunities to apply your unique skills and knowledge in our digital transformation, and to grow with us. We offer attractive positions at our headquarters and in our subsidiaries in Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East, and the Pacific region. 

Career paths for entry-level candidates, experts, and executives
To help you progress in your career, you receive a personalized roadmap for the future and appropriate training measures for your career path. It is also possible to switch to other departments or move to other Countries. Lateral entry is an option as well, if you can demonstrate an affinity for the digital or e-commerce fields. Within the specialist career, for example, you can evolve from Junior CRM Manager to CRM Manager to Senior CRM Manager. The alternative to a specialist career is the management track, in which you and your team can help shape the digital transformation of HUGO BOSS.

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Advantages at a glance

  • Help shape digitization
  • Diverse tasks
  • Regular feedback and training
  • Excellent development opportunities
  • International work environment
  • Exciting future projects
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