Values and corporate culture

Plenty of freedom for your personal talents

We are a globally operating company with staff on five continents. Each employee brings to their work a unique set of skills, strengths and experiences, and uses these to contribute to the success of HUGO BOSS. This is down to a clear focus on the values of cooperation, respect, quality, passion and innovation.

One of the fundamental principles of our corporate culture is that everyone can and should contribute ideas and express their opinions at HUGO BOSS. We create the space that makes this possible and have built a workplace characterized by flat hierarchies and mutual respect. All of our employees can actively and creatively express themselves; they receive regular feedback and are valued for the work they do.

The result is a deep passion for our company and its products – all of which are developed and produced with high quality standards and in an innovative environment.

Courage, spontaneity and a willingness to take risks are required in every position: an intern making a suggestion for improvement or a senior executive taking responsibility for a major project. What’s important to us is that we learn from our mistakes quickly.

In short: we love going to work each morning and we are proud of what we do over the course of the day. Does that sound good to you? Then apply to work at HUGO BOSS today. Apply your personal talents and let’s work together to achieve our goal of becoming the most desirable fashion and lifestyle brand in the premium segment – and over all channels.

The mission of HUGO BOSS

Our objective is to continuously increase the desirability of our premium brands, not just in the conventional retail industry and in our stores and outlets, but also in the online business. The advancing digitization of our business has repercussions for large parts of our company – and it offers numerous opportunities for hugely exciting and attractive jobs. We invite you to design the future with us. 

HUGO BOSS promotes diversity

Diversity is a very high priority at HUGO BOSS. As a multinational company, we are characterized by the diversity of our employees in terms of nationality, gender, political and religious beliefs, sexual orientation, age and possible disabilities. We therefore put great weight on a discrimination-free workplace and equal opportunity for all employees. A diversity of personal attitudes, skills and talents enriches our company and contributes to our success on the international market. The great importance attached to diversity at HUGO BOSS was highlighted in 2008 when we joined the “Charta Der Vielfalt”.

HUGO BOSS advances sustainability

Personnel management plays a key role in our sustainability strategy. We not only want to recruit the best employees, we also want to inspire them, encourage them, prepare them for the future and establish a trusted and creative foundation for our work together. As a HUGO BOSS employee you profit from tailored personnel development measures, special company benefits and excellent conditions relating to occupational safety, health and work-life balance, including an improved mix of family and career. In addition, at HUGO BOSS you will experience a corporate culture characterized by trust, creativity, innovation and mutual respect.

It is especially important to us that you can continuously develop your personal and professional skills. The HUGO BOSS University therefore provides numerous training measures that are available worldwide. We also familiarize you with our company values and provide you with training on the HUGO BOSS guidelines and on occupational health and safety.

In 2016 we organized the second internal Sustainability Day at our headquarters in Metzingen as a way of developing a shared awareness of sustainability as a key success factor. You’ll find more information here.

New work at HUGO BOSS

How will the workplace of the future look? First and foremost: digital and networked! The advance of digitization provides new opportunities for working more flexibly – both in terms of time and location. We are actively shaping the process in our company: we established a project group on the topic of new work back in 2015. The group has interviewed employees and developed, tested and revised solutions based on what they asked for. This led to the creation of various staff-oriented workplace models for the future, including working-from-home opportunities and flexible working hours. Other innovative approaches such as design thinking, the paperless office and spaces for creative sessions are already being implemented at HUGO BOSS.


Tolerance, respect and trust are among the basic principles in daily dealings with each other. Problems are addressed openly and solutions are sought together. Only in this way can a working atmosphere characterized by openness and fairness develop.

The Way In @ HUGO BOSS

An overview of our values and corporate culture:

  • Dynamism and precision are guiding us
  • We encourage communication between teams
  • We believe in flat hierarchies, openness, and transparency
  • Diversity is the foundation of our success
  • Our work spirit is characterized by sustainability
  • We test and develop modern forms of working
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