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Our employees reveal what drives and inspires them

Why does a trainee apply to HUGO BOSS? What does a team leader have to say about our work environment? Did an employee’s first impression of HUGO BOSS got confirmed? Employees from different divisions with different levels of professional experience talk about their personal impressions of our company. Their message? “That’s my HUGO BOSS”, we’ve found the absolute perfect career path for us.





Employee Stories

For me, HUGO BOSS is a team that is constantly surpassing itself. In retail, every day is different to the last. Our customers are all very different and we are always experiencing new situations. That is a real motivation for my colleagues and I because we’re all determined to improve a little every day. My team is almost like a family – but one with very different cultures and experiences. I love being a part of that. I’m Daniel, I’ve been at the company since 2013 and I’m a Store Manager in London. And that’s my HUGO BOSS.

For me, HUGO BOSS is the chance to apply myself and my personality – for example through the “New Work” project group.  This is where colleagues from all divisions discuss our workplaces of the future. One of the key questions is “What do we really need to feel a greater sense of well-being and to help us work more efficiently?” The topics discussed range from working from home and corner sofas in the office to workplaces you can choose freely. I find the project is really exciting. I’m Marc, I’ve been at the company since 2012 and I’m the Team Lead of IT Backend Application Systems. And that’s my HUGO BOSS.

For me, HUGO BOSS is the chance to combine my two passions: fashion and figures. Together with my team, I take care of planning and predominantly take responsibility for the in-season management of our online shops. My team and I have a lot in common: we are all very open-minded when it comes to new things, we love innovative ideas and projects and we are keen to learn from each other. That is because we want to play a part in digitalization in our own unique way, and to contribute many new ideas. I’m Alda, I’ve been at the company since 2011, and I’m Head of Merchandising in E-commerce. And that’s my HUGO BOSS.

For me, HUGO BOSS is a place where I can fully develop my potential. I was completely thrilled when I saw the campus for the first time with its amazing architecture and experienced the laid-back, creative working atmosphere. Before that, I spent twelve years working in New York and I often felt I didn’t have enough space and freedom for myself and my development. I love the opportunities and the work-life balance my job gives me. I’m Tara, I’ve been at the company since 2014 and I’m Head of Design BOSS Casual Menswear. And that’s my HUGO BOSS.  

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