The creative heart of HUGO BOSS
Developing innovations, setting trends: HUGO BOSS is famous for products with exceptional design and excellent quality. All thanks to our creative experts, who perform their jobs with great passion. Our Creative division creates the collections that will capture catwalks and delight customers around the world.

Your responsibilities in Creative

  • Set trends

    What trends could we set with the next collection? What do our customers want? In our Creative division, creative minds develop great ideas and turn them into reality.

  • Develop fashion in the premium segment

    What changes should we make to proven products? What should we develop from scratch? And how can we make our production more sustainable? Take a look at the individual work steps from idea to finished product.

  • Use the latest technologies

    The Creative division requires both skilled hands and a good command of modern tools. We use applications for product lifecycle management, for example, as well as for digital collection development. Our specialists visualize the product portfolios in 3D and create virtual prototypes, fabrics, trimmings (such as buttons), and applications (such as cords).

  • Management in the creative division

    In the creative division, we also rely on the know-how of experts with strong organizational and management skills. Technical product developers, for example, steer, coordinate, and document the technical development and production process from prototype creation to series production – and make sure that the creative idea is really implemented subject to the requirements. A Fabrics & Trimmings team lead, in contrast, has to demonstrate leadership, communication skills, and assertiveness in addition to good instincts for quality, fashion, colors, and trends. He has to put his expertise in supplier management to the test in the procurement of outer fabrics and trimmings.

  • International, interdisciplinary work

    The creative division is characterized by strong dynamism and international flair. Here, where new collections are born, creative experts work together with a passion for fashion, sharing information within their teams and between departments – for example, with brand management, which positions the image and prices of our products and is closely involved in the collection development process.


In the creative division, we are passionate about developing the fashion that makes us one of the top companies in the premium segment – and despite creativity and individuality, we never lose sight of our goals. The specific challenges you will face depend highly on your position.

Opportunities for creatives and organizational talents
  • As a pattern designer, for example, you need professional experience, and in-depth knowledge of cutting techniques and computers, which you will use with SAP, PLM, and Assyst, among others. 
  • A responsible fashion designer is expected to have several years of professional experience in the premium segment, speak fluent English, and have a highly organized working style. 
  • In addition to expertise, team leaders also need the skills that make them a good manager at the head of a highly qualified team.
A team-oriented working culture

Many duties in the creative division are highly specialized – what all of our employees have in common is a team-oriented working culture in which we discuss openly, support one another, and search for the best solutions creatively, effectively, and well-organized. This is key to developing and producing successful new collections in a fast-paced market. 

  • Gather experience in the premium segment

    Our products are known around the world for their outstanding quality. Become a part of it all and gather experience in the premium segment.

  • Work in a supportive environment

    Our employees identify with their jobs – that’s why you’ll become part of a friendly, inspirational team. We do everything we can to create a culture where you can contribute your ideas and personality and develop them further.

  • Ensure a healthy balance

    We want to motivate our employees and offer many opportunities for creating a healthy work-life balance, for example, through fitness and nutrition programs. Another important factor is the balance between career and family.

  • And much more!

    We offer a number of attractive benefits. Find out everything about working at HUGO BOSS.

What's waiting for you at HUGO BOSS

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