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Not many applicants realize we have over 300 IT employees – even though our IT division is one of the most important areas at HUGO BOSS. We offer many IT services in-house, which means the duties and projects are diverse – and so are your possibilities to get started and shape your career. Multidisciplinary challenges are waiting to be solved, creatively and effectively, by analytical thinkers.

Behind the scenes

Team spirit in the IT division
Cross-departmental teamwork is increasing in the IT area, too. IT employees make important contributions in nearly every domain to find advanced solution. And the teams often collaborate virtually, as well. Marc has been with HUGO BOSS for six years and talks about teamwork in a normal workday.

Your duties in the IT division

  • Support the entire company

    IT is one of our largest divisions and offers a wide range of exciting duties. It sees itself as a central service provider and partner in the implementation of new technologies. The IT division supports and accelerates the entire value chain at the company, from planning and designing new collections to selling our high-quality fashion and lifestyle products in our online shop and retail outlets.

  • Collaborate with international colleagues

    We offer international opportunities to IT experts: at our headquarters in Metzingen or in other locations worldwide, such as New York or Izmir. 

  • Develop custom IT solutions and drive innovation

    In addition to individual modifications to standard applications, we also develop proprietary software. We work on cloud solutions, fulfill the digital prerequisites for modern workplaces, and optimize the user experience and usability of applications. Our IT division ensures seamless digital processes and drives important topics forward within our group. The solutions from the IT division open up new perspectives throughout the company.

  • Play an active role

    At HUGO BOSS, IT isn’t just of fundamental importance – the division is also involved directly in nearly all processes and future projects. A few examples: project managers coordinate complex projects, consultants develop concepts together with the specialist departments, and system engineers design global technology and operating concepts and administer networks, servers, and applications.

  • Digitizing the point of sale and the showroom

    We want our customers to have a very special shopping experience. To create it, we are intertwining our offline and online services for the presentation, purchasing and ordering, and pickup or exchange of our high-quality products. 3D product development, the digital showroom, and virtual fitting room are important future topics for customers and employees alike.

Arbeitsalltag in der IT-Abteilung
Marc, Mitarbeiter in der IT


Information technology plays a key role at HUGO BOSS. The colleagues in the IT division always work closely together with other areas. That’s why we need people who can spot the details, but never lose sight of the big picture either.

Contribute your IT expertise.

We offer a wide range of entry-level and higher positions with development opportunities. Depending on the area of responsibility, some positions require specific degrees (computer science, business information technology, majors involving significant IT or digital elements) or professional experience (with SAP, SQL, ADAP, or CRM. We want to fill all positions with enthusiastic people with strong analytical skills, plenty of initiative, and an efficient, solution-oriented working style. Good English skills are needed for many projects.

Enhance our diversity

We are a modern, cosmopolitan company in which employees work together across all hierarchy levels, between teams and divisions, and beyond national borders. That’s why we value a work environment that is characterized by tolerance, respect, and cooperativeness.

Benefits at a glance

At HUGO BOSS, I can contribute my skills and my personality. The best example is the “New Work” project: The colleagues in this project group are working across all divisions to create the workplace of the future. What do we really need to feel more at ease and be able to work more efficiently? It’s a super-exciting project.

What's waiting for you at HUGO BOSS

New Work: The workplace of tomorrow

A new workplace every day, virtual meetings, a lunchtime run in the forest, and undisturbed work in Me Place: Marc gives impressions of life with New Work.

Employee benefits

Company gym, support with childcare, flexible working-time models. These are just a few examples of the benefits our employees enjoy. Discover what it's like to work at HUGO BOSS.

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