“I love making ideas come true”

Nathanael works as a designer for the product category trousers at HUGO BOSS. He supports the project in collaboration with design partner Porsche, where he is working on a mini-collection. He takes inspiration from the dynamic form of the cars and is finding new ways to create innovative fashion design. Here, he talks about his work in creative design and what he especially likes about it.

Nathanael first came to HUGO BOSS as an intern in 2013. He already had a vague idea of the company he would be working for back then. “I was familiar with HUGO BOSS as a global brand even when I was a kid,” he explains, “especially through my dad. And when he set foot on the campus the first time, he became aware of the greatness and energy that stand behind the company and its products.

What he remembers most about those first days is how warmly and openly he was welcomed: he met helpful, accommodating people everywhere. “I’m really very happy here and always look forward to tackling new responsibilities and challenges.

To fully unleash my creativity and create a space for my ideas, I create a kind of construction kit. To do so, I work with fabrics, tabs, or mood boards, to get a visual presentation. Then I dive into the details and devote my time to the shapes and quality of the material. – Nathanael

His own capsule collection

Today, Nathanael works as a designer of BOSS Menswear. His experience: “I was assigned responsibilities that let me grow.” With the consequence that the project groups he managed continued to grow.

His current project is especially dear to his heart, however: together with collaboration partner Porsche, he is designing a limited capsule collection. He volunteered for the task – and is pleased with the trust that was placed in him.

On this project, I can be really creative and am working on the big picture for the first time: I pick the objective, the concept and the color scheme. In the design, I draw parallels between the shape of the cars and the shape of the clothing – reflected, for example, in the details and the lines created by the collar and pocket shapes. I think the best thing about it is that I can turn the ideas in my head into reality together with our design teams.

Of course, he also has to follow a general framework: process flows, schedules, budget – and last but not least, the quality requirements that HUGO BOSS defines for its products. But that’s not an obstacle for Nathanael, to the contrary: “I’m happy that our products are of high-quality, because that’s really important to me personally. I have very high demands concerning the design.”

But sometimes the designer runs into limitations and finds a way to make his vision into reality. “In such situations, you have to work quickly and be flexible,” for example, to clarify: “Are there ways to change it and that might work? Or do we have to toss out the idea and reinvent it?”

It takes a team to succeed

For Nathanael, teamwork is always an important, exciting and inspirational activity, because he gets to interact with experts from other areas, as well as suppliers and producers. 

What else keeps the team together? For Nathanael, it’s the values of HUGO BOSS, the high demands they place on their own work, and how they treat one another. If someone’s a good fit, can think for themselves, and is willing and able to work autonomously, Nathanael would be happy to have them on his team.

Divisions at HUGO BOSS
Our company success is driven by our posture on sustainability, the integration of 3D development, and a high level of quality awareness for our collections and products. That’s why all of our divisions have exciting areas of responsibility that contribute to the success of HUGO BOSS.