Meet Justin

This holiday season, we have collaborated with New York-based artist and fashion illustrator Justin Teodoro for an uplifting capsule collection. In an interview, the self-confessed Madonna fan tells us about the importance of being authentic and about which fashion trend he would cancel.

Stars & hearts: about the collaboration

Watch Justin Teodoro talk about what inspires him and why he likes drawing the heart and star symbols, which both appear prominently throughout the BOSS x Justin Teodoro capsule collection.

Interview with Justin Teodoro

What is the best advice you have ever received? 
Aside from staying true to yourself, the best advice I’ve learnt is not to have such a predetermined fixation on how things should be. My best experiences were when I just kind of let go of expectations and allowed things to fall as they may. I ended up being pleasantly surprised and happy with the outcome.

What is the first thing you do in the morning when you get up? 
Sadly, it is to check my phone for messages and e-mails. But I try to make some quiet time for myself in the morning before getting started. Even if it’s just some yoga, stretching or a quiet meditation – it helps clear my head and body for the day to come.

In an interview you said that you draw inspiration from a lot of things – books, movies, music. If you had to give up one of these three things, which one would it be? 
Oh, that is a hard one. I don’t think I could give up any of those to be honest.

We’ve read up on you and found out that you are a dedicated Madonna fan. The Queen of Pop is a style icon and has reinvented herself many times. Which Madonna era is your favorite and why? 
I’m a big forever Madonna fan and I love all of her iconic incarnations.  But if there was one, I would have to say her Truth or Dare tour and Blonde Ambition era is an all-time favorite. I definitely  reference that period a lot in my own illustrations.

We’ve also read somewhere that you have an encyclopaedic knowledge of fashion. Can we do a quick round of “Cancel or Keep” for fashion trends? Which of the following fashion trends would you cancel or keep: overalls, chunky sneakers or bike shorts?
That is hard to answer because I’ve kind of seen trends come and go and when they come back it can look fresher and newer in another moment or on the right person. But if there was one thing I had to "cancel" from that list it would be the chunky sneaker.  

Not only are you a fashion illustrator, but you also regularly advise brands as a creative consultant. What is one universal piece of advice you would give any brand? 
Authenticity is key – being true to who you are and your brand identity. I think consumers are very savvy nowadays, so when brands stray too far or seemingly try too hard, they can see through that.



The BOSS x Justin Teodoro capsule
The uplifting and playful work of Justin Teodoro conveys optimism at its heart. Discover the BOSS x Justin Teodoro capsule collection of perfectly crafted BOSS pieces for the holiday season, featuring Justin’s hand-drawn heart and star illustrations.