Coming Full Circle

On a shimmering New York morning, a group of students gathered animatedly in a huddle. Amid the snapping of selfies and the sipping of skinny lattes, excitement was building about the competition that lay ahead...

Students from the New School’s Parsons School of Design were invited by HUGO BOSS to take part on a course that would be both challenging and beneficial for both sides. The task? To develop and present an outfit for BOSS Menswear that plays into a premium circularity approach, along with a 360 degree marketing and distribution plan.

Winning this competition would mean having, the opportunity to extend your work experience with the global brand and prize money of up to $12,000.

Joining forces

Tension started to mount as the group, all from diverse backgrounds, entered the open, white space that would become their laboratory for the challenge ahead.

Any preconceived ideas were then swiftly abandoned, as these talented minds from different disciplines fused together, forming small teams to create a prototype for an outfit that fits the circular design idea and is therefore sustainable.

This was the second workshop initiated by HUGO BOSS at Parsons, which is known as one of the world’s most ground-breaking arts institutions. As part of our Corporate Citizenship commitment, HUGO BOSS is aiming at supporting and funding educational opportunities for people of all ages, worldwide.


The buzz heightened as the competition commenced. Scissors slid swiftly through fabric. Wild ideas evolved. Sketches would often form and transform only to be screwed up and discarded. Students poured over research on the most progressive methods of sustainability, discussions were lively and ideas converted into business models. Graphs rose and fell, determining losses, gains and, ultimately, the future of more sustainable fashion.

After setbacks, heated debates, victories and fist-bumps, five illuminating creations were born. Silence finally descended on the space as the competitors listened in anticipation of the result.


In what was a staggeringly close race, the team by the name BOSS One were announced as the first prize winners. By developing a suit in 100% wool, the group used a mono-fabric approach that ensured that every element was easier to recycle. What starts as a wool yarn will ultimately end as a wool yarn.

As a nod to the exceptional standard that was delivered by all of the teams, the decision was made to showcase the winner, BOSS One and yet another concept, BOSS Renew, in a window installation at the BOSS Soho store in New York.