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The company HUGO BOSS was founded in 1924 by Hugo Ferdinand Boss.

An overview of our brands is illustrated in the section "Brands" on our website.

The brand Baldessarini was sold in 2006.

The HUGO BOSS headquarters are located in Metzingen, Germany.

In the section "Key Figures" we prepared an overview of the most important figures.

At the end of the year 2017, just about 14,000 employees worked for HUGO BOSS worldwide.

You can find the members of the Managing Board here.

You can find the members of the Supervisory Board here.

The global presence of HUGO BOSS is illustrated in the "Group Profile".


The first trading day of the historic preferred shares was December 20, 1985. The first trading day of the ordinary shares was May 22, 1989.

The HUGO BOSS share has been listed in the MDAX since March 22, 1999. The formerly issued preferred share was replaced by the ordinary share following the share conversion in June 2012.

You can find information on our shares in the section "General Information" under "Share" on our Investor Relations website.

You can follow the share price performance of our shares under "Share Performance" on our website.

Until June 15th, 2012 the Group's share capital was divided into ordinary and preferred bearer shares. After the close of stock market trading on June 15th, 2012, the preferred shares were converted into ordinary shares and all shares were converted into registered shares.
Since then the Group’s share capital has been made up of 70,400,000 registered non-par-value-shares. The historic preference shares did not carry voting rights. In addition preference shares gave the right to a higher dividend than the ordinary shares of EUR 0.01 per preference share.

You can find an overview of our shareholder structure in the section "Shareholder Structure" of our website.

You can find an overview of our shareholder structure in the section "Shareholder Structure" of our website.

There are 69,016,167 HUGO BOSS shares outstanding (i.e. the total number of shares minus treasury shares held by the Company).

You can find detailed information regarding our share buyback program under "Share Buyback".

A share split was effected in 2001. Further information is gathered in the section General Information under “Share” on our Investor Relations website.

Unfortunately we no longer have any securities, which we can send, as a result of the huge demand for cancelled share documents.

Please contact your bank or your investment manager in order to purchase shares in HUGO BOSS AG. They will be happy to advise you what steps you need to take in order to be able to purchase shares in HUGO BOSS AG.

You can find a list of the stock exchanges, where the HUGO BOSS share is listed, in the section "General Information" under "Share" on our Investor Relations website.

A list of the stock exchange indices containing the HUGO BOSS share can be found in the section "General Information" under "Share" on our Investor Relations website.

Shares of HUGO BOSS AG are currently monitored by approximately 30 Analysts.


You can find the development of the dividend payment of the last five years in the section "Dividend".

The dividend is generally paid on the third working day following the Annual Shareholders' Meeting.

You are entitled to dividend, if you hold one or several shares of HUGO BOSS AG in your deposit at the day of the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting.

General Information

Please directly contact our "Investor Relations Team" in case of any questions regarding the HUGO BOSS share as well as financial results.

We kindly ask for your understanding that we do not mail annual reports. Please use the electronic version instead or discover the Online Annual Report. In doing so, you will contribute to the protection of our environment. As a shareholder of HUGO BOSS, you will receive a hard copy of the Annual Report at the Annual General Meeting.

The dates for the current financial year can be found on the Investor Relations pages under the heading "Events".

By subscribing to our "IR Newsletter" you will regularly receive information on the current business development of HUGO BOSS AG.

On our website we publish comprehensive information around our "Annual Shareholders' Meeting".

In the event of any further queries please contact solely the following address:

General Meeting / Legal Department
Dieselstrasse 12
72555 Metzingen
Email: Hauptversammlung@hugoboss.com

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