10. April 2015

Publication of voting rights pursuant to sec. 26 WpHG (German Securities Trading Act) _ 2 // Zignago

Voting Rights Announcements

Notification of voting rights pursuant to Article 26 Section 1 WpHG

(German Securities Trading Act)

HUGO BOSS AG received the following information referring to notification pursuant to sec. 25a para. 1 WpHG by Zignago Holding S.p.A., Fossalta die Portogruaro, Italy, on 10 April 2015: 

“We herewith notify pursuant to sec. 25a para. 1 sentence 1 WpHG that on 9 April 2015 we neither directly nor indirectly held any instruments pursuant to sec. 25a para. 1 sen-tence 1 WpHG enabling us to acquire voting rights in HUGO BOSS AG. As per this date we would have fallen below the threshold of 5 % voting rights.

On 9 April 2015 we held pursuant to sec. 21 para. 1 WpHG 4.91 %, i.e. 2,950,000 of the voting rights in HUGO BOSS AG. All of the aforementioned 2,950,000 voting rights are di-rectly held by us.”

Metzingen, April 10, 2015                             
The Managing Board

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