12. July 2016

Publication of voting rights pursuant to sec. 26 WpHG // PFC

Voting Rights Announcements

HUGO BOSS AG received the following notification on July 11, 2016:

Notification pursuant to sec. 27a para. 1 Satz 1 WpHG

PFC S.r.l.

Via Stradella dell´Isola 1




Dieselstraße 12

72555 Metzingen


We, PFC S.r.l. („Notifiying Person“), refer to our voting rights notification dated 9 June 2016 and herewith notify you pursuant to sec. 27a para. 1 sentence 1 WpHG of the following:

1. Objectives underlying the acquisition of the voting rights (Sec. 27a para. 1 sentence 3 WpHG)

(a)     The acquisition of voting rights is designed to implement strategic objectives.

(b)    The Notifying Person does not plan to acquire further voting rights within the next twelve months by means of a purchase or by any other means.  

(c)     The Notifying Person does not intend to exert an influence on the appointment or removal of members of the issuer´s administrative, managing and supervisory bodies.

(d)    The Notifying Person does not intend to bring about a material change in the issuer´s capital structure, in particular as regards the ratio between equity financing and debt financing, and the dividend policy.

2. Source of the funds used (Sec. 27a para. 1 sentence 4 WpHG)

With respect to the funding of the acquisition of the voting rights, the Notifying Person used equity funds.

Metzingen, July 12, 2016                 
The Managing Board

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