Fostering Creativity

Access to culture and the arts – worldwide
Art gives people new inspiration and promotes tolerance and an innovative spirit. And fashion is closely related to art as it requires a high level of creativity, too. That’s why HUGO BOSS is committed to supporting creativity and contemporary art and making it available to the public. HUGO BOSS supports a wide range of projects at its Metzingen headquarters and worldwide to enable people to encounter art and strengthen social awareness of it.

Commitment to young artists


HUGO BOSS has established the HUGO BOSS ASIA ART Award in 2013 to support young, emerging artists from China and the Southeast Asian region. Together with the Rockbund Art Museum in Shanghai, we give young talents a platform for their art through a joint exhibition.

"HUGO BOSS workshop" at Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

Creative work in the region
We have sponsored the "HUGO BOSS Workshop" at Staatsgalerie Stuttgart (Stuttgart State Gallery) since 2016. Here, local schoolchildren and participants of all ages can experiment with design and express their creativity in workshops to experience art first-hand.

Art for children and young people

"Food & Art"

This joint project by the Filderstadt art school and the Pestalozzi School Filderstadt-Sielmingen in Germany gives children and young people from socially disadvantaged families an opportunity to discover their creativity. The participants first share a breakfast, to promote social contact, before they get to work. The children then try out a variety of manual and artistic techniques under the guidance of professional instructors. This strengthens both social skills and self-confidence. Some of the participants even discover the trades as a career perspective. HUGO BOSS has supported this project since 2015.

Current Topics

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