Professional Training

Continuing education along the value chain
Education and career are the foundation for participation in society. That’s why HUGO BOSS is committed to vocational promotion. Through programs and opportunities for lifelong learning, the company supports United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4: quality education

Iskur: Re-entry to the workforce for women in Izmir

With some 4,000 employees, Izmir (Turkey) is the largest HUGO BOSS production site. HUGO BOSS has been committed to vocational training here since 2010, to strengthen the location. In cooperation with the local labor agency, the Iskur program supports women who want to re-enter the workforce. Hazal Güder is one of the 1,479 women who have successfully attended the program – today she works as a manager at our location in Izmir. In an interview, she talks about what this means to her.

HUGO BOSS & Parsons School of Design

HUGO BOSS entered a special partnership with the renowned New School’s Parsons School of Design in New York in 2014. In this partnership, HUGO BOSS supported students with a scholarship program worth USD 250,000.

In addition to financial support, the company also provided valuable, real-life input: a joint workshop on sustainable fashion was held in 2017, for example, and in 2018 HUGO BOSS and Parsons designed a seminar on circular design. Here, students from a variety of specializations developed their own prototypes, marketing, and sales strategies for testing design for self-contained fabric cycles in the fashion industry.

As a result, the students not only gained valuable knowledge, but also got the opportunity to share ideas and experiences and build networks. Internships with HUGO BOSS also gave them an opportunity to contribute their passion for fashion and gather initial practical experiences.

New School’s Parsons School
HUGO BOSS @ Parsons
It was a special challenge that awaited the students of the New School's Parsons School of Design at our second workshop: combining fashion and sustainability. Winning this competition would not only mean receiving a prize money, the winner outfit would also be showcased in a window installation at the BOSS Soho store in New York.

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