Materiality Analysis

In 2017, we comprehensively updated our materiality analysis. Strategic issues were analyzed with regard to business opportunities and risks for HUGO BOSS in order to integrate them more closely into the sustainability strategy and the defined fields of action.

The starting point of the analysis was the compilation of a list of potentially relevant topics along the entire value chain of the Company. The requirements of internationally recognized sustainability standards and ratings were also taken into account. To simplify the process, the value chain was divided into five stages:

The defined sustainability issues were evaluated in the materiality process based on the following three criteria, in order to comply with the reporting requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the CSR Directive Implementation Act (CSR-RUG):

1. Importance of the topics for internal and external stakeholders

2. Economic, ecological and social impacts of the Company on the respective topics (impact analysis)

3. Relevance of the respective topics for the success of the Company (analysis of business relevance) 

The importance of the topics for internal and external stakeholders was asserted as part of an anonymous online survey. All relevant stakeholders of HUGO BOSS were included in the survey. The impact analysis and the analysis of business relevance were conducted in several workshops with the participation of the HUGO BOSS Sustainability Department as well as representatives from other relevant departments. In the impact analysis, the findings of the natural capital evaluation were also taken into account to objectify the results.

The results of the materiality analysis were approved by the Management Board in the Sustainability Committee. Further validation took place in November 2017 as part of the international Stakeholder Dialog. The findings from the materiality analysis and the dialog with the stakeholders are incorporated in the Company's ongoing strategic work and are applied within the individual fields of action of its sustainability strategy.

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