Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability at HUGO BOSS is shaped by the combination of quality, innovation and responsibility, which influences the mission statement, strategy and processes of HUGO BOSS. 

Sustainable management is viewed as an opportunity for ensuring the high quality expected by customers, as well as environmentally- and socially-friendly production. Both aspects are considered as essential prerequisites for customer loyalty and innovative capability, and therefore are key factors for the Company’s long-term success. At the same time, sustainability is an important aspect for further developing the business model through a forward-looking approach, an efficient use of resources and optimized processes throughout the entire value chain.

The objective of the principle “We act responsibly” is to create added value – for employees, customers, business partners, shareholders, and the community. To achieve this, key issues are allocated to the six fields of action: We, Environment, Employees, Partners, Products and Society. The Group intends to consistently improve in all areas and has therefore formulated targets and activities for each field. 

HUGO BOSS views sustainability as a continuous improvement process, which through a forward-looking management of opportunities and risks contributes to ensure the long-term success of the Company. In the implementation and further development of its sustainability strategy, HUGO BOSS utilizes dialog and the collaboration with its stakeholders and orientates towards the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. With its activities and projects in the area of compliance with the HUGO BOSS Social Standards in the supply chain, the use of innovative sustainable materials and the promotion of education, HUGO BOSS makes a special contribution to the following five Sustainable Development Goals

You can find a detailed overview of HUGO BOSS' contribution to these five goals in the download area.

The Managing Board of HUGO BOSS AG has the overall responsibility for sustainability. During its meetings, it regularly deals with sustainability issues of the value chain and decides upon the Group-wide applicable standards and guidelines for sustainability. The Company has an appropriate sustainability management in place to ensure they are implemented consistently. The Sustainability Committee, chaired by the Chief Executive Officer, is the central body for steering the sustainability strategy. It is composed of the persons responsible for all relevant departmental functions.


HUGO BOSS integrates sustainability in its business processes and engages in a constructive dialog with its stakeholders, in order to create added value for both sides.



HUGO BOSS makes an effective contribution to environmental and climate protection. The Company focuses in particular on energy efficiency, water, waste and logistics.



HUGO BOSS creates a working environment where each individual can participate and achieve their potential. The Code of Conduct and high HUGO BOSS Social Standards create the framework.



HUGO BOSS commits itself and its suppliers to ensure human rights and the protection of the environment. In order to uphold its responsibility, the Company strengthens its social compliance and further develops existing environmental and social standards.



HUGO BOSS demands the highest standards for quality, design and finishing, product safety, animal welfare and species protection, as well as environmental protection, in order to fulfill customer expectations.



HUGO BOSS combines its social commitment with the goal of inspiring people to achieve success. The focus is on access to education, professional development and fostering of creative skills.

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