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Designing the future of the fashion industry

Today's world is digital, and tomorrow's will be even more so. This is also true for the fashion industry. To stay future-oriented, HUGO BOSS is therefore focused on advancing digitalization throughout the entire company. This is already demonstrated in day-to-day work in many areas: employees trying out new work methods and processes in self-organized teams, factories becoming networked and logistics centers generating their own power.

The company identified four areas where this transformation promises particular advantages:

  1. Product
    Digitalization starts as early as the draft stage. Instead of a pencil and shears, today's designers use software and a screen to create digital prototypes. This saves time, lowers costs and, not least, reduces the use of raw materials.
  2. Production
    The tools of digitalization also enable manufacturing products to be organized faster, more efficiently and more economically. This is demonstrated impressively by the smart factory in Izmir, where machines, people and processes are digitally networked.  
  3. Logistics
    Our modern warehouses in Filderstadt and Metzingen successfully accelerate processes using automation and digitalization. This makes them more efficient and cost-saving.
  4. Sales
    In interacting with partners around the world, digital systems ensure faster response times, greater flexibility and more convenient processes – for example, using the digital HUGO showroom.

Digitalization in production

Smart factory

The use of the latest technologies makes the production process more and more intelligent and dynamic. Today, the advantages of automated and self-optimized processes have also extended to functions such as planning, supply chain logistics and product development. At the Group's largest production location in Izmir, Turkey, HUGO BOSS demonstrates what Industry 4.0 looks like in practice. The smart factory is completely networked digitally. Even today, the acquired data already makes it possible to optimize production processes consistently.

Current projects


For BOSS Open 2023, HUGO BOSS unveiled the next generation of the BOSS x HeiQ AeoniQ™ performance shirts. The seamless high-performance polo shirt is made with HeiQ AeoniQ™ fibres. This is another important milestone in our strategic partnership with HeiQ AeoniQ™. This allows us to increasingly eliminate synthetic fibres and reduce our impact on the planet. The shirt’s performance properties are comparable to those of polyester, but the HeiQ AeoniQ™ yarn used in the garment is made from certified wood pulp. This is one of many possible renewable raw materials from which the yarn can be produced. For this innovative and more sustainable approach, the leading global sports platform ISPO has honored the shirt with the ISPO Award 2023. This new style is part of the BOSS capsule collection.

Innovative buildings

Administration building D15 on the Metzingen campus and the Filderstadt distribution center are two examples of innovative architecture. Environmentally friendly measures and energy efficiency aspects were already integrated in the planning stage – for example, their own photovoltaic systems and automated systems for heating and lighting. Both buildings were distinguished with the platinum certificate of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

First digital collection

The Pre-Fall 21 season features the first collection presented by HUGO BOSS to be developed digitally from start to finish. With 105 pieces in total, the new collection spans all the product groups, encompassing apparel, footwear and accessories. Product development was completely digital – from the initial sketches, through the selection of fabrics and colors, all the way to prototyping and the finished collection.

The work of tomorrow

How can an environment be created where each employee can express themselves freely? What does a team need in order to take on responsibility and make independent decisions? How do we promote productivity and satisfaction? The strategic corporate project 'New ways of working' offers many answers to these questions. It is steered by self-organized teams and tests out agile work methods in practice.

Digital showroom

For the first time in 2017, trade partners in Berlin were able to order a collection from HUGO entirely via a digital showroom. From the presentation and selection of the products to the ordering process, the entire process takes place virtually using a 65-inch touchscreen. The innovative software makes it possible to view color options and combine products with each other. This makes a sample collection completely unnecessary, saving resources and shortening the development time of the collection substantially.

Formula E

Since 2017, HUGO BOSS has been the official sponsor of the world's first electric racing series. Environmental sustainability and innovation are central to this collaboration. Formula E offers an action-packed racing experience on the streets of the world’s major cities. Focusing firmly on the future of motor sports, the unique series is a platform for the development of electric vehicle technology, refining the design, functionality and sustainability of electric cars while creating an exciting global entertainment brand.

Further information


We believe in the desirability of our brands. They will be the most important factor in the Group’s long-term success. To further increase the appeal of our brands, we are focusing on two strategic priorities: personalization and speed.


Did you know that Michael Jackson wore a BOSS suit on his 1982 "Thriller" album cover? The 1980' were an exciting time for HUGO BOSS. Numerous milestones marked the way to becoming an international fashion and lifestyle company.


For anyone looking for perfect wardrobe for every occasion: the men's and women's collections from BOSS bring together tailoring and sportswear, creating signature looks. The HUGO collections for him and her are geared toward style individualists and trendsetters. The progressive design and cool accents are ideal for work and after-work.