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Consensus estimates from independent financial analysts
HUGO BOSS is covered by various German and international financial analysts, who regularly provide reports in respect of the company. On this website, we provide you for information purposes only with the latest consensus compiled by Vara Research. Consensus estimates are based on ratings made by financial analysts who are independent from HUGO BOSS. Any opinions, forecasts, estimates, projections or predictions made by the analysts reflect their own views and do not represent the opinions, forecasts, estimates, projections or predictions of HUGO BOSS or its management. HUGO BOSS only renders the analyst estimates compiled by Vara Research on this website. The overview does not represent a recommendation for an investment in HUGO BOSS shares. Further, it does not imply that the company endorses, concurs with or adopts such analyst estimates. HUGO BOSS assumes no liability for the accuracy or completeness of such estimates and undertakes no obligation to update or revise such estimates or the overview, even if they differ from our own forecasts or expectations.

Analyst Coverage

  • The following analysts have an official coverage on HUGO BOSS
    Date                        Institution Analyst Target Price Recommendation
    04-11-2024 Baader Bank Volker Bosse € 74.00 Buy
    03-15-2024 Bernstein Société Générale Antoine Riou € 62.00 Hold
    05-02-2024 BNP Paribas Anthony Charchafji € 74.00 Buy
    04-12-2024 BofA Merrill Lynch Ashley Wallace € 65.00 Buy
    05-03-2024 Bryan Garnier Cédric Rossi € 66.00 Hold
    05-03-2024 Citigroup Thomas Chauvet € 52.00 Hold
    05-03-2024 Deutsche Bank Michael Kuhn € 76.00 Buy
    05-02-2024 DZ Bank Thomas Maul € 50.00 Hold
    05-03-2024 Goldman Sachs Louise Singlehurst € 71.50 Hold
    05-03-2024 Hauck & Aufhäuser Christian Salis € 65.00 Buy
    04-08-2024 Jefferies Frederick Wild € 65.00 Buy
    05-03-2024 J.P. Morgan Chiara Battistini € 68.00 Hold
    04-12-2024 Kepler Cheuvreux Jürgen Kolb € 79.00 Buy
    05-03-2024 Mediobanca Gilles Errico € 65.00 Hold
    05-03-2024 Metzler Felix Dennl € 84.00 Buy
    04-11-2024 M.M. Warburg Jörg Philipp Frey € 88.00 Buy
    05-03-2024 Morgan Stanley Grace Smalley € 65.00 Buy
    05-03-2024 mwb research Alexander Zienkowicz € 80.00 Buy
    04-11-2024 Oddo BHF Andreas Riemann € 75.00 Buy
    05-07-2024 RBC Manjari Dhar € 64.00 Buy
    05-03-2024 Stifel Rogerio Fujimori € 63.00 Buy
    05-03-2024 UBS Zuzanna Pusz € 52.00 Hold

    Based on the latest analyst research or company-compiled consensus.

Current analyst estimates


as of
MAY I 13 I 2024
in EUR  Consensus Highest Lowest
Share price target 68.34 88.00 50.00

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