Shareholder Structure

Majority of HUGO BOSS shares in free float
Around 83% of the company shares are in free float and are primarily held by institutional investors from Europe and the Americas. HUGO BOSS AG holds approximately 2% of its own shares, which were purchased as part of a share buyback scheme from 2004 to 2007. The remaining approximately 15% of the shares are held by a strategic major shareholder from Italy, consisting of PFC S.r.l. and Zignago Holding S.p.A.

Shareholder structure in %

Share ownership in %

Free float
PFC S.r.l. / Zignago Holding S.p.A.
Own shares
as of
MARCH 2021
  Number of shares in %
Free float 58,137,164 83%
PFC S.r.l. / Zignago Holding S.p.A 10,879,003 15%
Own shares 1,383,833 2%
Total number of shares 70,400,000 100%

Source: Share register, voting rights notifications (last updated February 2020)

Regional split of investor base

in % of the free float

North America
Rest of the world
Great Britain & Ireland
Rest of Europe
as of
Dec 2020

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