Declaration of Compliance

Declaration of the Managing Board and Supervisory Board of HUGO BOSS AG pursuant to section 161 AktG (German Stock Corporation Act)

HUGO BOSS AG, Metzingen, Securities ID A1PHFF, International Securities ID DE000A1PHFF7

The Managing Board and Supervisory Board of HUGO BOSS AG herewith declare pursuant to section 161 para. 1 sentence 1 AktG (German Stock Corporation Act) that since the Compliance Declaration of December 2017, the recommendations of the Government Commission “German Corporate Governance Code” in the version as amended on February 7, 2017 – officially published in the Federal Gazette on April 24, 2017 – have been and are complied with except for: 

  • Deviating from the recommendation in section 4.2.2 sentence 6 GCGC, the total compensation of the members of the Managing Board complies with the statutory criteria without specifically taking into consideration the relationship between the compensation of senior management and the staff overall, particularly in terms of its development over time because the Supervisory Board is of the opinion that the statutory criteria, namely the appropriateness of the tasks and the performances, the situation of the Company and the common level of compensation in the industry, are more important.
  • Deviating from the recommendation in section 4.2.3 sentence 7 GCGC, a cap is indeed specified regarding the total compensation of the members of the Managing Board. Insofar as section 4.2.3 sentence 7 GCGC must be understood in a sense that it also requires an explicit cap for variable compensation components, HUGO BOSS AG deviates from the recommendation, as it does not comply with this formality. However, materially also a cap for the variable compensation components exists because it can be calculated by deducting the fixed compensation component from the cap of the total compensation.
  • Deviating from the recommendation in section 5.4.1 sentence 3 GCGC, the Supervisory Board has not specified a regular limit of length of membership for the members of the Supervisory Board. The company can also benefit from the experience of long-term Supervisory Board members. A regular limit of length of membership which is specified in advance is therefore not appropriate.
  • Deviating from the recommendation in section 5.4.6 sentence 4 GCGC, the compensation for members of the Supervisory Board based on the success is not oriented toward sustainable growth. The compensation for members of the Supervisory Board was resolved by the general assembly of the shareholders, the compensation based on the success is contained in section 12 para. 2 of the articles of association of HUGO BOSS AG and in the opinion of HUGO BOSS AG appropriate.
  • Deviating Deviating from the recommendation in section 5.4.6 sentence 5 GCGC, the compensation of the members of the Supervisory Board is neither reported individually in the notes nor in the management report. Also, payments made by the enterprise to the members of the Supervisory Board or advantages extended for services provided individually, in particular, advisory or agency services, are not listed on an individual basis. The compensation paid to the members of the Supervisory Board is demonstrated in total in the notes. In the view of HUGO BOSS AG, individual reporting of compensation does not provide information relevant to the capital market.

Metzingen, December 2018

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Corporate governance

Listed stock corporations are obligated to provide a corporate governance statement in accordance with § 289a of the German Commercial Code (HGB). In addition to the Declaration of Compliance, this includes information on corporate governance practices and a description of the work method of the Managing Board and Supervisory Board.


Here, you can find information about the compensation of the Managing Board and Supervisory Board as published in the Annual Report of the prior fiscal year.

Risk Management

HUGO BOSS views the responsible handling of risks as an important part of good corporate governance. This enables risks to be detected and assessed at an early stage and risk positions to be controlled through corresponding measures.

Tax Strategy

HUGO BOSS management knows that paying taxes plays an important role in the global economic and social relationships of the company. In addition to compliance with tax regulations, adequate risk management is also obligatory.

Articles of Association & Bylaws

Here, you can download the Articles of Association and the Bylaws of the Managing and Supervisory Boards of HUGO BOSS AG as PDF files.