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HUGO BOSS Factsheet

As a global fashion and lifestyle company positioned in the premium segment, HUGO BOSS is one of the leaders in offering high-quality women’s and men’s apparel. Sustainably increasing brand desirability is at the forefront of all Group activities and the main focus of the Company’s strategic framework. In 2020, the Company, based in Metzingen (Germany), employed approximately 13.800 people worldwide.


BOSS offers sophisticated, modern collections focused on quality and design to create an impeccable look – be it business, casual or athleisure.

The HUGO collection is designed for those who take their own approach to style, offering a full range of tailoring and cool casual pieces with fashion-forward attitude. HUGO’s only rule when it comes to style: be your authentic self and nothing else.

Sales by region 2020

Licenses (3%)
Europe (incl. Middle East & Africa) (63%)
Americas (16%)
Asia/Pacific (18%)

Sales by channel 2020

Own retail business (66%)
Wholesale (31%)
Licenses (3%)

Sales by brand 2020

BOSS (86%)
HUGO (14%)

Financial Highlights

Group Strategy

The vision of HUGO BOSS is to be the most desirable fashion and lifestyle brand in the premium segment of the global apparel market. The Group is convinced that further elevating the desirability of its two brands, BOSS and HUGO, represents the most important factor for the Company’s long-term success.


Three strategic priorities intended to drive future growth

Create brand heat and product desire
From a brand perspective, the Group’s key objective is to drive brand heat and elevate the desirability of BOSS and HUGO in the long run, in particular among younger customers. The brands’ marketing initiatives focus on three pillars in this regard: highlight events to emotionalize the brands, strong partnerships with influential personalities, and exclusive collaborations with appealing brands and businesses. Fully exploiting the global trend towards a more casual lifestyle forms another key element with regard to driving brand desirability. Further pushing the casualization of its business model – across brand, gender, and wearing occasion – will therefore remain a top priority for HUGO BOSS while also continuing with breaking up the boundaries between casualwear and formalwear.

Exploit global sales opportunities
To drive growth across all sales channels, HUGO BOSS aims to fully utilizing its omnichannel capabilities developed over the past years by connecting all customer touchpoints into a seamless, consistent customer experience as well as further digitzing all respective touchpoints. In doing so, HUGO BOSS aims to resolutely exploit all sales opportunities in the years to come. Continuing the success story of its online business and fully leveraging the Group’s potential in mainland China are of particular importance for HUGO BOSS in this regard.

Drive operational excellence
From an operational perspective, HUGO BOSS constantly aims to develop and implement best-in-class solutions to ensure efficiency and flexibility along its entire value chain. This includes, above all, further optimizing the Company’s sourcing structure without compromising on product quality. In addition, digitizing its business model offers HUGO BOSS various opportunities for sustainably increasing customer value and for improving efficiency and flexibility – from digital product development to implementing digital elements in wholesale and retail distribution.


Shareholder Structure

Free float (83%)
PFC S.r.l. / Zignago Holding S.p.A. (15%)
Own shares (2%)

Sustainability targets at HUGO BOSS

Contribution to climate protection

≥51% reduction of CO2 emissions within our own area of responsibility (Scope 1+2 in comparison to 2018) by 2030 (Status 2020: Reduction of 36%)

30% reduction of CO2 emissions mainly from transport, production and raw materials production (Scope 3 in comparison to 2018) by 2030 (Status 2020: Reduction of 28%)

Offering more sustainable products

Use of 100% of cotton sourced from sustainable production by 2025 (Status 2020: 86%).

≥30% of our product range consists of RESPONSIBLE styles by 2025 (Status 2020:15%).

Ensuring social standards in the supply chain

Sourcing of all goods from finished goods suppliers with a result of satisfying or better in social audits by 2025 (Status 2020: 96%).

Responsible chemicals management

By 2025, all of our suppliers with a high environmental impact comply with the company's specifications, particularly with regard to climate protection and chemicals management (GSCP, ZDHC, UNFCCC) (Status 2020: 20%).


Commitment to better education in society

Reaching 1,400 schoolchildren and students through the HUGO BOSS Education Association by 2025 (2020: 1.140 schoolchildren and students).

HUGO BOSS Managing Board
The four members of the Managing Board are responsible for the Group's strategy and management: CSO Oliver Timm, COO Heiko Schäfer, Spokesperson and CFO Yves Müller and CBO Ingo Wilts (from left to right).


Dieselstrasse 12
72555 Metzingen

Investor Relations
+49 7123 94-80903