• Our People: Ensure diverse representation at all levels across our teams.
  • Our Company: Make everyone feel welcome, connected, and treated fairly.
  • Our Consumers: Stay relevant to our diverse consumers around the globe, and further expand our appeal to different groups.
  • Our Business Partners: Embrace diverse business partners by providing them with opportunities to be part of our successful journey.
  • Our Community: Stay closely connected to the community around us, giving back and celebrating its diversity. 

We will design and craft our journey with the close involvement of our employees, being truly authentic to our HUGO BOSS spirit and having fun together!


Our DE&I ambition lives and breathes through MIX & MATCH. Commonly used in the fashion industry, the term MIX & MATCH is about combining very different things that nevertheless go well together. Achieving maximum creativity and results by mixing styles, colors and fabrics.

The same applies to our people. By bringing together diverse individuals and combining their different talents and strengths, we achieve the perfect mix.

At HUGO BOSS, we want to empower people by embracing their differences and making everyone part of our journey.

Here are two of many ways how our people can engage:

  • Diversity Task Force: This is a voluntary group of employees who want to actively engage with and contribute to the DE&I topics at HUGO BOSS. It provides an active employee voice and feedback on various activities, helping to drive change. 
  • Communities: A group of employees who come together based on shared characteristics, interests, or life experiences to create a safe space to exchange openly, provide support, and get inspired. At HUGO BOSS, our communities are referred to as CREWCreating a Really Equitable World.

Together with our people, we achieve the maximum and change fashion!