As an international fashion and lifestyle company we have specific responsibility. Our actions have a global impact in many areas: the quality and safety of our products; the people who interact with us; and the climate, which bears the consequences of our ecological footprint.

And so, sustainability, for us, means taking responsibility through ethical corporate management. As such, we are committed to a sustainable and future-oriented strategy and vision in three key areas:

PRODUCT – to long-lasting products that meet high social and ecological standards

PEOPLE – to social well-being along our entire value chain

PLANET – to production processes that are environmentally friendly and conserve resources

This commitment is a significant part of our CLAIM 5 strategy, which sets the path to our our goal  of becoming one of the top 100 global brands and, also, of  adding value, to society and to the planet.

We feel responsible for protecting our planet and securing a future worth living for future generations. That is why sustainability plays an important part in our CLAIM 5 strategy. We are continually moving forward on this path, because we love fashion, and we change fashion.
Dorothee Niebergall

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Sustainability is a path that we started on a long time ago, and a path we are consistently pursuing. With clearly defined sustainability goals, we are able to generate measurable added value as a company as well as for our environment. From establishing a circular economy within our company to enabling more responsible production processes in our supply chain, and empowering our employees as well as our engagement in our foundation, we are dedicated to a sustainable future through a range of measures and projects.


For us, sustainability is not an abstract ideal, but rather a continuous process that is deeply embedded in our business activities. We are continually working to develop a more responsible fashion industry through a diverse range of measures, by setting concrete goals and making a long-term commitment.

Our concept ‘TODAY. TOMORROW. ALWAYS.’ is a reflection of this commitment. TODAY – comprises the milestones we have reached as well as our ongoing projects. TOMORROW – comprises our mid- and long-term goals, which we use to evaluate our commitment to sustainability. ALWAYS – encompasses the ongoing commitments, that we have made in the areas of PRODUCT, PEOPLE and PLANET.




RESPONSIBLE styles make up 31% of our product range.


Already, 99% of all goods are provided by finished goods suppliers that have achieved one of the top two levels in their social audit.


We have successfully reduced our CO₂emissions across our entire value chain by 13% to date (Scope 1-3, vs. 2018 levels).



By 2025, RESPONSIBLE styles will make up at least 60% of our product range.


By 2025, 100% of our goods will be provided by finished goods suppliers that have achieved one of the top two levels in their social audit.


By 2050, we want to reach zero net emissions along the entire value chain (Scope 1-3). Milestone en route: ≥ 50% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030.



Quality and longevity: we focus on more responsible materials and top-quality workmanship for our products. This high quality ensures a long lifespan. We are also committed to the concept of circularity i.e. the promotion of closed product cicles in the textile industry.


Responsibility towards people and society as a whole: we respect human rights and take responsibility, not only for our employees and in our partnerships, but also for the well-being of our community and for society, as a whole.


Protecting the environment: we are improving our ecological footprint through environmentally and climate friendly processes, such as the usage of electricity from renewable energy sources and through careful management of resources.


This was just a snapshot of the goals, measures and principles that comprise our commitment to sustainability. Further details on our vision for sustainability can be found in our sustainability brochure.

Areas of our commitment

Strategy – Responsibility with a plan

Sustainability affects our products, the people behind them, and the environment where our activities have an impact. We take a strategic approach to meet our responsibilities in all these areas. Our sustainability strategy is grounded in the following three- part foundation.

PRODUCT – innovation meets responsibility

Our products are at the heart of what we do – they embody our skills and vision. We, therefore, consider sustainability at every step of the value chain, from the design process and material selection, to production and the longest possible usage. Our commitment is to make our products as sustainable as possible, and to consistently optimise our production processes.

PEOPLE – responsibility for employees and for society, as a whole

Employees and associates, service providers and suppliers, the communities at our production sites and, last but not least, our customers: people all over the world make HUGO BOSS what it is. Therefore, we bear a special responsibility towards them. Find out more about how we meet this commitment.

PLANET – responsibility for the planet

We are well aware that the fashion industry has an impact on our planet. Our commitment is to reduce our ecological footprint in order to make our contribution to the 1.5-degree target of the Paris Climate Agreement. Take a look at the measures we are taking and the projects we are working on to achieve this goal.