Investment Case

Reasons for an investment in HUGO BOSS

Two strong Brands

BOSS and HUGO – two strong brands, each targeting a clearly defined customer group through their brand presentation and distribution strategy. What their collections have in common is their high standard for quality, fit, innovation and sustainability.

Four Growth Pillars

The company expects, on average, currency-adjusted sales growth of 5-7% until 2022. The following drivers will contribute to this:
- Quadrupling of online sales
- Increase in retail sales productivity by an average of 4% per year
- Double-digit sales growth in Asia
- Overproportionate growth of HUGO

Focus on Margin Growth

The company targets to increase the EBIT margin from 12% today to 15% by 2022. This target will be achieved through an expansion of the gross margin and strict cost management of operating expenses.

Attractive Dividend Policy

HUGO BOSS offers an attractive dividend policy and intends to distribute 60% to 80% of Group net income in the form of dividends to shareholders.


Responsibility for customers, employees, business partners, shareholders and society: HUGO BOSS embodies conscious, value-oriented management.

Outlook 2019


  Results 2018 Outlook 2019
Group sales 
Increase of 4%
to EUR 2,796 million
Increase at a
percentage rate
Operating result (EBIT)  Increase of 2%
to EUR 347 million
Increase at a
high single-digit
percentage rate

Full outlook for fiscal year 2019

Our strategy

Driving Brand Desirability

The successful realignment of the brands BOSS and HUGO has laid the foundation for sustainable profitable growth. HUGO BOSS will further increase the personalization of its offerings in the future and speed up central processes in the course of further developing its strategy. Overall aim is to become the most desirable premium fashion and lifestyle brand.

Further information

Outlook and Targets

Here, you can find detailed information on our outlook for the current fiscal year and our mid-term financial targets.

HUGO BOSS Factsheet

An overview of the business model, brand portfolio, Managing Board as well as key figures can be found in the HUGO BOSS factsheet.

Charting Tool

The charting tool allows you to analyze financial KPIs of HUGO BOSS on a yearly and quarterly basis.