Investment Case

Outlook 2021


  Results 2020 Outlook 2021

Group sales (currency-adjusted)

EUR 1,946 million

Increase by between 30% and 35%

Operating result (EBIT)

minus EUR 236 million

EUR 125 million to EUR 175 million

Full outlook for fiscal year 2021

Our strategy

Growth Strategy ‘Claim 5’

To deliver on its vision and ambition of becoming the premium tech-driven fashion platform worldwide, and one of the top-100 global brands, HUGO BOSS introduced its ‘CLAIM 5’ strategy, which puts the consumer at the core of its business activities more than ever before. ‘CLAIM 5’ is based on five strong pillars: Boost Brands, Product is King, Lead in Digital, Rebalance Omnichannel, and Organize for Growth. It also includes a bold commitment to sustainability, together with a strong executional road map and a clear plan on empowering people and teams.