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The Managing Board and the Supervisory Board have reported as follows pursuant to Section 3.10 of the German Corporate Governance Code on corporate governance at HUGO BOSS:

The Managing Board and the Supervisory Board believe that good corporate governance is a key determinant of long-term business success. Good corporate governance is therefore part of the shared values of HUGO BOSS and a requirement that extends to every area of the Company. The Managing Board and Supervisory Board consider themselves dutybound to secure the Company’s continuation as a going concern and sustainable value added through responsible and transparent corporate governance that is geared to the long term. At the same time, HUGO BOSS wishes to justify and strengthen the trust that the employees, shareholders, business partners and general public place in it.

In fiscal year 2022, the Managing Board and Supervisory Board closely examined compliance with the requirements of the German Corporate Governance Code (GCGC). As a consequence, the declaration of compliance dated December 2022 was issued. It is published on the Company’s website. Apart from the exceptions discussed there, HUGO BOSS AG complies with the recommendations of the Code as amended on December 16, 2019, which was published in the Bundesanzeiger [German Federal Gazette] on March 20, 2020. 

Corporate governance at HUGO BOSS

Declaration of Compliance

The Managing Board and Supervisory Board dealt with the fulfillment of the specifications of the German Corporate Governance Code (DCGK) at length in fiscal year 2022, and have provided a Declaration of Compliance as the result.

Corporate governance

Listed stock corporations are obligated to provide a corporate governance statement in accordance with § 289a of the German Commercial Code (HGB). In addition to the Declaration of Compliance, this includes information on corporate governance practices and a description of the work method of the Managing Board and Supervisory Board.


Here, you can find information about the compensation of the Managing Board and Supervisory Board as published in the Annual Report of the prior fiscal year.

Risk Management

HUGO BOSS views the responsible handling of risks as an important part of good corporate governance. This enables risks to be detected and assessed at an early stage and risk positions to be controlled through corresponding measures.

Data Protection

For HUGO BOSS protecting personal data is more than just a legal obligation. We handle personal data from customers, employees, business partners, shareholders and investors responsibly and in a transparent manner. For us this is the basis for every trustful collaboration.

Information Security

In times of digitalization, information security is an important part of the HUGO BOSS group strategy. Protecting our digital business processes is crucial for our success.

Tax Strategy

HUGO BOSS management knows that paying taxes plays an important role in the global economic and social relationships of the company. In addition to compliance with tax regulations, adequate risk management is also obligatory.

Articles of Association & Bylaws

Here you can download the Articles of Association and the Bylaws of the Managing and Supervisory Boards of HUGO BOSS AG as PDF files.

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Along the entire value chain, HUGO BOSS integrates opportunities for digitalization to ensure more efficiency and sustainability. Innovation is emphasized at every level of the company.


With its 2025 growth strategy "CLAIM 5", HUGO BOSS is fully committed to strongly accelerate top-line growth, claim its position in the consumers’ minds, and win market share for its strong brands BOSS and HUGO.


HUGO BOSS is a company with tradition. The foundation for the Group's long history was laid nearly a century ago. In order to review the highs and lows of this history, HUGO BOSS collaborates with independent historians.