Asia – a changing cultural region
Since 2013, we have bestowed the HUGO BOSS ASIA ART Award to artists from the region of Greater China and southeast Asia together with the Rockbund Art Museum in Shanghai. Fostering exchange in this region and directing attention to the lively art scene there is the objective.

Nominated Artists for the HUGO BOSS ASIA ART Award 2019

Thảo-Nguyên Phan

Thảo-Nguyên Phan, born 1987, now lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City. Phan is a multimedia artist whose artistic practice comprises a combination of paintings, videos, performances and installations. Through literature, philosophy and everyday life, Phan observes and critically illuminates the ambiguities of social conventions, historical events and traditional narratives.


Born in 1986, Eisa Jocson was originally trained as a visual artist with a ballet background. She currently lives and works in Manila and is a contemporary choreographer and dancer. In her work, the artist explores the work-based efforts and various representations of the body in dance in the service industry. She also explores issues such as identity and gender education, as well as social mobility in the Philippines.


Hsu Che-Yu, born 1985, currently lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan, China. He primarily creates animations, video installations and narratives that explore the relationship between media and memories. He not only deals with questions of how historical events can be traced back through media, but also with the construction and visualization of private or collective memories. His geographical focus is exclusively on urban environments in Taipei.


Hao Jingban was born in 1985 in Shanxi Province, China. She currently lives and works in Beijing. Through a wide range of sound material, recordings, archive material, interviews and voiceovers, she deals with complex historical narratives and social movements. In her art, she links this material with the structures of experimental, documentary and essay films, thereby exploring these thematic complexes from a new perspective.

Platform for young talents

The award curated by the Rockbund Art Museum in Shanghai has been shedding new light on Asia as a cultural region since 2013. It offers young artists the opportunity to present their work and networking across international borders. Thus, the award accounts for the dynamism in the Asian region and contributes to illustrating the diversity and differences between these regions. 

Curated by the Rockbund Art Museum in Shanghai, the prize, which carries a stipend of CNY 300,000, is awarded every other year. A group exhibition of the nominated artists is part of the project. The jury, made up of international experts, selects the winner on the basis of this exhibition. Artistically, the range of the works shown at the Rockbund Art Museum stretches from painting through sculpture, installation, video art and performance art. The focus is on young artists whose works already show signs of their future significance for the Asian art scene.  

Li Ming, Rendering the Mind, 2017, multi-channel HD video installation, color, sound 

Earlier award winners

2017 | Li Ming

Li Ming, born in Yuanjiang, China, in 1986, lives and works in Hangzhou, China. Videos and video installations occupy an important role in his oeuvre. Ming's works mostly emerge from a single image, word, movement or mood that arouses his attention and finally is transformed into an expression of his sensitivity, subtlety, intuition and humor.

2015 | Maria Taniguchi (Philippines)

Maria Taniguchi's paintings, videos and sculptures are preoccupied with form, especially what is called the "brick wall" painting. The images challenge viewers to question their understanding of painting and sculpture, space and object. At the same time, Tanaguchi sheds light on an investment of time and work that no one notices and thus on the often-neglected value of manual labor.

2013 | Kwan Sheung Chi (Hongkong SAR China)

In his videos, texts and installations, this artist, born in Hong Kong in 1980, focuses on social and societal challenges. He does so from the perspective of the people in society in order to reflect alternative value systems, personal utopias and the role of the artist within them.

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Exhibitions and projects

Supporting art exhibitions in order to foster dialog on current topics in society is an integral part of our commitment. For this purpose, HUGO BOSS cooperates with renowned art museums all over the world.


The HUGO BOSS PRIZE is awarded every other year. It honors artists whose work makes a significant contribution to the further evolution of contemporary art.

Commitment to society

Art and fashion are closely intertwined. Therefore HUGO BOSS commits to efforts giving young people access to art and fostering their creativity.