“Greater success with targeted support”

After her marriage, relocation to Izmir, and the birth of her daughter, Hazal Güder had been out of the labor market for many years when she applied to HUGO BOSS as a seamstress. Less than three years later, she’s well on her way to becoming a manager. At our largest production site in Izmir, HUGO BOSS implements targeted measures for women who want to get back into the workforce.

Hazal Güder had already heard of HUGO BOSS, from her prior job and from relatives. After her first job interview, she knew it would be a good place to work. “I heard that HUGO BOSS has high demands for quality – and that they respect Turkish culture here, even though it’s a foreign company.”

But would her qualifications be enough? “I had worked on a loom before my daughter was born, but didn’t know how to use a sewing machine. When I was asked if I wanted to attend an İşkur course, I immediately said yes, of course.”

I enjoy going to work and am motivated every day. HUGO BOSS supports all employees who want to advance their careers – and I’m sure mine isn’t finished yet.  – Hazal Güder

Hazal Güder
Working in Izmir

Since 2010, HUGO BOSS has provided targeted support at its İzmir production site for women who want to re-enter the workforce after a long absence or who find themselves in difficult economic situations. The courses offered within the Open Doors for Women program teach women everything they need to know to work in the textile industry. HUGO BOSS works closely together with the local labor agency to ensure that the courses are optimally focused on local needs. Women to complete a course receive a continuing education certificate that is recognized throughout Turkey, enabling them to apply in other places and at other businesses as well.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this successful”

 “The course was educational and entertaining at the same time,” reports Güder. “Our instructors were very professional. Even when we thought we’d never get it, they stuck with us and continued to encourage us.”

The hiring was just the start of Güder’s professional development. “I started working in suit production, where I worked as a seamstress for nine months. But I always wanted to understand everything that our team did.” Curiosity is the first step toward further development. Güder’s superior asked her if she’d like to take part in an education program for future managers.

“I was surprised, because I hadn’t been at the company for very long,” says Güder, but she applied anyway and was ultimately accepted in the program. “I was over the moon! I’ve had quite a few jobs since leaving school, but it was this one that gave me prospects for further development.” After a year of advanced courses on a variety of topics, Güder was transferred to her new position as a group lead.

And if she hadn’t found the 'Open Doors for Women' program? “Then I’d probably be working somewhere else or I’d still be a housewife. But I doubt I’d feel as productive as I do now.”

Güder is one of the 1,500 women who completed the 'Open Doors for Women' courses in recent years – and one of more than 800 for which the prospect of a permanent position at HUGO BOSS Izmir became reality.

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