What does being your own BOSS mean to you?

As part of the biggest branding transformation in the history of HUGO BOSS, both our brands, BOSS and HUGO, are being relaunched with a new logo and a 360-degree rebrand. The new BOSS logo is bolder, and more contemporary, with an impactful visual experience. As an integral part of our CLAIM 5 growth strategy, BOSS has taken-on a new, modern identity focused on a younger and a more global demographic.

What does being a boss mean to you? Is it being free and self-determined? Is it about learning from failure? Is it about being true to yourself and to your principles? Is it an attitude? Or are we all, each of us, already a boss in our way, taking charge of our own lives? On the momentous occasion of our branding relaunch, we asked a diverse group of employees to share their thoughts on what it means for them to be their own boss, on social media.
Watch the responses shared by our dynamic and spirited colleagues from across departments and leadership levels. What does it mean for you to be your own boss? Share your thoughts on Instagram by tagging @boss #BeYourOwnBOSS in the caption.

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Like a BOSS! After 50 years, we have introduced a new logo for BOSS, as part of a true 360-degree rebranding. The new BOSS is bolder, more contemporary, and more impactful.


Are you ready to HUGO your own way? As part of our new 360-degree branding refresh, HUGO is now sporting a striking new look for the first time since its last logo facelift in the early 1990s.

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