New photovoltaic system up and running at Izmir production site

HUGO BOSS has recently installed its fifth photovoltaic system, as part of its continued efforts to invest in a more sustainable future. The new photovoltaic system went into operation at the beginning of this year and is located on a 5,000-square-meter section of the company's largest production site in Izmir, Turkey. It generates approximately 820,000 kWh of electricity per year, which is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of approximately 164 four-person households. The move has enabled the company to almost double the amount of electricity generated in-house,  from  renewable energy sources in comparison to the previous year.

At HUGO BOSS, together with other companies in the fashion industry, we aim to achieve "net zero" greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. To this end, we will continue to reduce energy consumption and emissions not only, in our own area of responsibility, but also along the entire value chain.

In our own area of responsibility, we have, therefore, set ourselves the goal of using electricity that is generated only from renewable energy sources by 2030. We operate five photovoltaic systems – located at our production plant in Izmir, two office buildings at the headquarters as well at the HUGO BOSS Outlet in Metzingen, and the distribution center in Filderstadt. We also use green electricity (from renewable energy sources) at our offices, production and warehouse sites, as well as in our retail stores in 13 countries. With this, we are already well on-track to achieving our target.