BOSS Global Campaign Fall/Winter 2022
BOSS Global Campaign Fall/Winter 2022


Empowerment and Determination: The path to being your own BOSS is not smooth or easy. Trials and challenges, failures and successes experienced along the way are all crucial to growth and evolution. Our Fall/Winter 2022 BOSS campaign explores these pillars of empowerment, as it delves deeper into what it means to be your own BOSS while partnering  with a group of the world’s most influential stars. The campaign not only builds on the landmark BOSS brand refresh of early 2022, which established the new brand attitude of inspiring and empowering people to be their own BOSS. It takes this philosophy a step further, by strengthening connection with the BOSS community through meaningful storytelling.

The BOSS Fall/Winter 2022 lineup feature next-generation TikTok creator Khaby Lame along with Italian tennis player Matteo Berrettini, German runner Alica Schmidt and British boxer Anthony Joshua, who were introduced in the brand refresh campaign. Each of them has strategic partnerships and has co-designed capsule collections with BOSS. American model Kendall Jenner, American rapper Future, and South Korean actor Lee Minho – some of the world’s biggest stars – stay on for the next chapter of  the campaign. And, for the first time in BOSS campaign history, legendary British supermodel Naomi Campbell joins the cast.

Kendall Jenner

Khaby Lame

Naomi Campbell

Alica Schmidt

Anthony Joshua


Matteo Berrettini

Lee Minho

The luminary line-up continues to inspire as each shares their take on what makes a BOSS. These diverse perspectives are represented in the campaign by three unique rooms in the trademark brand colors of black, white, and camel. These rooms, each a world, stand for an important message – when one door closes, another opens. On the other side, there is growth and deeper understanding.

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With the launch of its Fall/Winter 2022 campaign that follows on the heels of its recent and successful brand refresh, it makes a strong call to action, once again, for consumers to #HUGOYourWay.

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