In June the global LGBTQIA+ community speaks out loudly and proudly, promoting self-affirmation, dignity and equality. All of which are still very much needed.  At HUGO BOSS we strongly support marginalized groups seeking to overcome adversity and oppression. We all need to speak louder and take actions to avoid discrimination of any kind. HUGO BOSS believes in the strength of diversity and inclusion. Each unique person enriches our work environment and business. We are committed to using our reach as a company to support the LGBTQIA+ community by joining the call for greater equality. 

Proud to speak up

From our collection pieces to our workspace, we strive for more inclusion. As part of our efforts to reach this goal, we have teamed up with ILGA World. The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association is an international organization that connects more than 1,700 groups from over 160 countries and territories worldwide. It supports LGBTI civil society worldwide through advocacy and research projects. Our core brand BOSS is releasing a capsule collection to mark this year’s pride month, created in support of ILGA World. At the same time, ILGA World will support us with a workshop for our employees, building awareness of terms like cisgender, transgender and non-binary and their meanings, helping us to understand how to use inclusive language and pronouns, and how to understand the difference between sex and gender identity. The intent of the workshop is to highlight respect towards people of diverse sexual orientation, gender identities and expressions, and sex characteristics. 

The proud voices of HUGO BOSS

Cristina, Ivan and Konstantinos invited us to learn more about their experiences as members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Cristina, Designer BOSS Menswear; Ivan, Senior Concept Designer HUGO Menswear; and Konstantinos, Barista at the HQ, all have one thing in common: they are out, proud and unique. 
Konstantinos has left his home country Greece eight years ago to live in Germany. Among other reasons, his decision was linked to his sexuality, which he wanted to express more openly without facing prejudice. Although his family was very surprised by his coming out, they realized that love knows no boundaries and have been very supportive. It wasn’t long after Konstantinos began his new life in Germany that he met the love of his life and got married. He and his partner are parents-to-be, and he told us more about the adoption process and their wishes for their child.
Cristina and Ivan came out in their early 20s and became active supporters of and advocates for their community. Both told us about their experiences in their home countries, Spain and Brazil respectively, and the difficulties they faced in the beginning. They have found their voices and took us on a walk down memory lane, remembering the events and groups they attended, how some of these encounters helped them in becoming who they are today and in what ways their experiences have an impact on their work at HUGO BOSS.

 Whether inside or outside of HUGO BOSS, together we must tackle issues. We want to see a future where awareness grows, and inequality vanishes. As a global fashion house where different cultures, ethnicities and generations work together It is our duty to join the cause and help in creating more awareness and understanding.   


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Engagement, Development & Diversity

HUGO BOSS wants to actively involve its employees in the Company, recognizing that the inspiration they gain is crucial to our growth. This also includes supporting employees and offering them possibilities for continuing education.

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