Collaboration & Dialog

Dialog as a success factor
Understand expectations, identify requirements, discuss challenges: For HUGO BOSS, communicating with all important stakeholders and finding new approaches together is both an obligation and an opportunity, especially for all aspects of the sustainability strategy. That’s why HUGO BOSS organizes regular events in different locations to discuss important topics with employees, business partners, and civil society representatives.

Shaping the dialog

HUGO BOSS strives to conduct an open, constructive dialog with stakeholders. The company has countless touch points with a variety of individuals and interest groups that are affected by the company’s decisions along the entire value chain – including employees, customers and business partners, shareholders, and investors, as well as non-governmental organizations and representatives from civil society, business, academia, and politics (see the stakeholder matrix).

Discussing challenges and potential solutions together with these stakeholders is both a responsibility and an opportunity for HUGO BOSS. These discussions can generate additional value – not only for the company, but also for society at large.

HUGO BOSS also relies on dialog with its stakeholders for the evolution and execution of its sustainability strategy. The stakeholders play a major role in the materiality analysis, for example, to jointly determine which sustainability topics should be the focus of HUGO BOSS.

The dialog with existing partners is broadened continually – with scientific institutions, animal welfare organizations, consumer protection groups, and other NGOs. HUGO BOSS also continues to expand its involvement in external collaborations for the same reason.

Our involvement in external collaborations

HUGO BOSS places great value in collaborating with other companies and organizations, to achieve systematic sustainability improvements along the textile value chain through consolidated expertise. For this reason, HUGO BOSS engages in initiatives and organizations where numerous stakeholders, some from widely differing contexts, work together to achieve common goals. The largest initiatives are compiled here.

In dialog with different stakeholders

  • Sustainability topics for employees

    HUGO BOSS actively promotes dialog between its employees and the Managing Board. The dialog is conducted at a variety of events, including strategically important topics. The series of events, “Thinking beyond – Acting to the Point,” was kicked off in 2017 and conveys a deeper understanding of sustainability topics within the company to employees. At these events, internal and external experts, as well as HUGO BOSS suppliers, report on their sustainability activities and answer questions from the participants.

  • Local commitment to society

    For HUGO BOSS, it’s natural to make contributions to the local communities of its business locations. In 2018 for example, HUGO BOSS supported the charitable organizations "Wohnen für Menschen mit Behinderungen" (Living for People with Disabilities) and "Diakonie Sozialstation Metzingen e. V." (Social Welfare Center Metzingen) at its Metzingen location.

  • Supplier Days for strategic suppliers

    With its regular Supplier Days, HUGO BOSS has established an event format for strategic suppliers. Their commercial relations with HUGO BOSS – some of them long-standing – are intensified further during the Supplier Days: Here, they find out about important targets and measures by HUGO BOSS, internal and external speakers present important topics, and the partnerships are strengthened through open, cooperative exchange regarding current challenges.

    The HUGO BOSS Supplier Day 2017, for example, focused on the digital transformation and co-development process toward creating a more transparent supply chain. In a joint workshop, the minimum requirements for a governance model were defined. The model presents a framework for defining the suppliers’ responsibilities for sustainability aspects in their supply chains and represents the foundation for increased transparency. All strategic suppliers of HUGO BOSS must implement a like governance model for their supply chains by 2020.

    The concept was well-received – which is why HUGO BOSS held a similar event at its Ticino (Switzerland) location for the first time in early 2018. Under the motto Innovate the way WE collaborate, the suppliers gained insights into sustainability activities at HUGO BOSS, along with inspiration for implementing new, innovative technologies.

  • Operational Excellence Days for companies in Izmir

    The production site in Izmir (Turkey) has held an annual “Operational Excellence Day” (abbreviated “OPEX Day”) since 2005. With this event, HUGO BOSS gives companies from a wide variety of industry sectors a platform for open exchange on innovation and sustainability topics. In 2016, the OPEX Day was held under the motto SMART WORLD, SMARTER BUSINESS, On the Way to Industry 4.0 and gathered nearly 300 people from the different stakeholder groups.

Bad Urach Dialogs

In 2016, HUGO BOSS began a series of annual events at Stift Bad Urach. Here, relevant interest groups and organizations have the opportunity to express their perspective on the company’s sustainability efforts and speak directly with the persons responsible at HUGO BOSS.

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