More sustainable Company Buildings & Stores

When planning and constructing new buildings or during the renovation of our existing ones, we make sure to reduce energy consumption and the associated emissions. We contribute to this through our energy-supply systems and energy-efficient technologies. For the construction of our non-retail locations, we strive for recognized sustainability certifications whenever possible such as the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

Certified environmental and energy management systems

In order to reconcile economic and ecological interests, we have been operating certified environmental and energy management systems in accordance with the international standards DIN EN ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 since 2012. These are regularly audited by external certification companies.

HUGO BOSS has an environmental management program that is based on internationally recognized standards such as DIN EN ISO 14001 and ISO 50001. Focus topics are energy consumption and CO2 emissions as well as water use and waste management. In addition, HUGO BOSS is striving for sustainability certifications for all new buildings of our own business premises and for selected key retail stores of central importance to our retail business.

Environmental management systems according to DIN EN ISO 14001

We operate externally certified environmental management systems at our own production sites in Turkey, Poland and Italy. Thus, we continuously improve our environmental performance and verifiably meet legal regulations.

Energy management systems according to DIN EN ISO 50001

Since 2017, all of HUGO BOSS’s European locations have been certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001. We are continuously working on further improving the energy efficiency of our locations by analyzing environmental data. We are identifying and implementing potential energy and water savings beyond that. In addition to ISO 14001, the largest HUGO BOSS production site in Turkey is also certified according to ISO 50001. This underlines the importance of improving the energy efficiency of our own locations.

Building certification by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB)

We strive to implement the standards of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) for the construction of our own new buildings. Our three new buildings in Germany have already been successfully certified with platinum, the highest level awarded by the DGNB.

Sustainability certification of selected key retail stores

Selected key retail stores are certified by internationally recognized certification systems for the classification of sustainable buildings, such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) or the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM). Two stores, in Boston and Denver (USA), have already been certified according to LEED.  Learn more about this topic here.

Sustainable Company Buildings

BOSS Outlet in Metzingen (Germany)

In 2020, the new BOSS Outlet in Metzingen was awarded two platinum certificates by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). The building itself as well as the interior spaces received the highest award level. By doing this, HUGO BOSS was the first company in Germany to receive the two certificates, and to become a pioneer in this area.

Sustainability aspects were already taken into account during the planning phase – these included, for example, the use of over 20 geothermal bores and a photovoltaic system on the roof with an annual electricity generation of around 539 MWh. This corresponds to an annual consumption of 108 four-person households.

Additionally required electricity is covered with 100 % green electricity. In addition to the efficient energy supply of the building, LED lighting was used throughout the entire sales area. Motion-controlled LED lighting was also installed in ancillary rooms. To ensure a high quality of indoor air, we have used FSC®-certified wood as well as recycled and low-pollution materials. The flexible furniture concept offers the possibility of quickly converting different areas, which can be achieved sustainably without the use of new elements.

Administration building at the headquarters in Metzingen

We have expanded our headquarters in Metzingen in recent years. A new, modern administration building was built in 2013, which is characterized by its particularly sustainable construction and operation. In recognition, the building was awarded a platinum certificate by the DGNB for its sustainable construction. The second platinum certificate from the DGNB was received in the summer of 2017 – HUGO BOSS decided to obtain additional certification in the category "Buildings in Operation".

Even during the planning stage, attention was paid to ensuring that the building met the highest sustainability standards during operation – this includes the photovoltaic system on the roof, which generates approximately 66,000 kWh of electricity per year. That is about the same as the annual consumption of around 13 four-person households. Further construction highlights include the green atrium with a watercourse, the targeted use of environmentally friendly and health-compatible building materials and the high degree of flexibility in interior design.

BOSS Outlet Metzingen
Administration building at the headquarters in Metzingen
Distribution center in Filderstadt (Germany)

Our distribution center in Filderstadt is currently one of the most modern logistics centers, with one of the largest shuttle warehouses worldwide – and was also awarded platinum certification by the DGNB.

The building also has a photovoltaic system on its roof: nearly 2,000 modules on the 14,000m2 roof area generate enough energy to supply over 110 four-person households with electricity for a whole year. The fully automated shuttle warehouse has been implemented within the logistics center – the entire area comprises nearly 10,000m² and is unheated and unlit, saving huge amounts of energy and space. A combined heat and power unit ensures the efficient supply of heat.

In addition, the distribution center has been fully equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting since 2017. Thanks to the energy-saving light sources and the resulting longer useful life, the energy consumption for lighting has been reduced by about half. Further advantages include an improvement in lighting quality and a reduction of the heat load in the building.

More sustainable Store Conecpts

HUGO BOSS has defined various store concepts. Key sustainability criteria are taken into account from planning to execution of our stores.
  • Core elements of sustainable store concepts

    All HUGO BOSS store concepts define sustainability criteria as an integral part of all phases from planning to execution of our sites. LED lighting is installed as standard not only in the sales area, but also in staff rooms and storage areas, and is complemented by the use of motion detectors. Spacious seating areas also contribute to the high quality of stay.

    When building or renovating each of our own stores, low-emission materials are processed to ensure high indoor air quality, as well as sustainable materials such as FSC®-certified wood and recycled metal. The ventilation and air-conditioning concept includes heat recovery systems and energy-efficient components with modern control units. In addition, we also use water-saving fittings in the sanitary areas to reduce our water footprint. Motion sensors also adjust the water supply to the current demand. The flexible furniture concept offers the possibility of quickly converting different areas, which can be achieved sustainably without the use of new elements.

  • Roll-out of sustainable store concepts

    In recent years, all stores throughout the Group have been built or renovated in accordance with the defined sustainability criteria.

    HUGO BOSS has written a manual that applies to all external planners and architects containing the standards of our sustainable store concepts. The Store Implementation Manual is regularly revised by an interdisciplinary team at HUGO BOSS, for example to adapt to new technical standards.

    The sustainable store concepts will continue to be implemented in all new openings and renovations of the Group's own retail stores – especially to help achieve continuous savings in the areas of energy and water.

  • Sustainability certifications of selected key retail stores

    HUGO BOSS has decided to certify selected key retail stores with recognized certification systems. Two stores in the US (BOSS Store in Boston and BOSS Outlet in Denver) have already been certified according to LEED and the BOSS Flagship Outlet in Metzingen was certified according to DGNB and awarded the highest level Platinum. HUGO BOSS thus proves that its sustainable store concepts meet recognized sustainability standards. You can find out more here.