Our brains are hardwired to trust what’s familiar and to be suspicious of what’s unfamiliar. It is a basic survival instinct that has kept humans safe for centuries. At any given point in time, we are exposed to approximately 11 million bits of information, yet our brain can only recognize about 50 bits. Based on our life experiences, our brains unconsciously categorizes information as familiar or unfamiliar and makes automatic judgements and decisions, both, in our private as well as our professional lives.

Bias? A quick test:

Bias refers to the automatic judgements we have about people, things, cultures, situations – basically anything and everything. Your brain might mislead you to think that everyone around, except you, is biased. On the other hand, research suggests that everyone who has a brain is biased.

At HUGO BOSS, we want to further enhance our culture of being as free as possible from stereotypes and bias. We want to create an inclusive work environment, where all of us can be our authentic selves and stand up for each other.

On the occasion of International Women's Day (IWD), we want to celebrate our uniqueness as well as our differences and break the bias. We encourage each of you to become aware of your inherent bias. Don’t let your prejudices affect how you treat others, especially people who are different from you. It is just as important to become aware of how you treat yourself and not let the fear of others’ judgment affect your own authenticity.

Employees present their personal action on #BreakTheBias:

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At HUGO BOSS, we believe that an inclusive company culture is a source of creativity, strength and innovation.

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