Corporate Campaign #NewEraHUGOBOSS
Corporate Campaign #NewEraHUGOBOSS


2022 is a landmark year for HUGO BOSS: both our brands BOSS and HUGO are recently undergoing a 360-degree brand refresh and generated a record-breaking 11.7 billion impressions in just 5 weeks, through their social media campaigns. From our attitude to our approach, from our creation to our mindset, we are changing more than just a part of us.

We love fashion, we change fashion

Corporate Campaign #NewEraHUGOBOSS
Along with our brands, we, as a company, are entering a new era, with a new culture and new branding. At HUGO BOSS each of us – as part of the HUGO BOSS family – stands for one mission: ‘we love fashion, we change fashion’. We are achieving this goal by placing our customers at the center, ensuring our ‘product is king’, through digitalized creation, and through an innovative, omnichannel approach. In order to reflect our new, bold mindset, we are transforming our identity, beginning a new phase in our journey to become THE leading tech-driven fashion platform in the world. We invite you to be part of this journey with us.

The many dimensions of #NewEraHUGOBOSS


“What excites me about innovation? It is to come up with new ideas and discover new technologies that can translate into opportunities, that can make progress in our industry.”


“For me, responsibility is about being aware of the big picture and making choices based on how they could impact future generations.”


“How do I find creative inspiration? It is about traveling, being in touch with different cultures and being inspired by their art, music, and architecture.”


“Our work life is so international and so diverse that it creates a unique atmosphere. It inspires me how different but at the same time how similar we all are. We are all here for the same reason: we love fashion!”


“A great brand creates relevance by taking part in cultural conversations, enables people from the culture and, most importantly, a great brand takes a stand.”


“Digitalization gives me a better life daily through technology and innovation, from how I manage my money to how I read the news and how I stay connected to my family in different countries.”

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