Energy & Emissions

More efficient energy use
HUGO BOSS pursues this goal at all of its own locations. To achieve it, the company follows a strict energy management program based on the internationally recognized ISO 50001 standard.

Focus: Reducing energy consumption

Whenever business buildings are renovated or built from the ground up, we plan reduced energy consumption and low emissions from the start – through independent supply systems and energy-efficient technologies. For new construction, we strive to achieve sustainability certifications from the German Sustainable Building Council, most recently obtained for the new HUGO BOSS flat goods warehouse in Filderstadt and a new administration building at company headquarters in Metzingen. 

One specific example of how HUGO BOSS conserves energy is the use of LED lighting. The lighting systems at two distribution centers in Germany and Australia, as well as the company’s largest internal production site in Izmir (Turkey), was successively changed to LED. Together with other energy-saving measures – such as an optimization of operating hours and organizational processes and the use of timer switches, the company has cut electricity use by around 1,500 MWh annually.

Reduce energy consumption by 30% in relation to Group sales
HUGO BOSS has set a target of reducing its energy consumption by 30% in relation to group sales by 2025 (baseline year: 2016). Find out more about the measures that HUGO BOSS employs in sustainable building construction and operations to achieve this target.

A concept for more sustainable stores

Pilot stores already opened

In the course of developing a new store concept for our own retail outlets, we also developed sustainability criteria that will be followed during construction and renovation of stores. Some of the measures defined in the new concept have already been implemented at initial European pilot stores.

FSC®-certified wood, energy-efficient components

In the first step, a special focus involved using modular furniture components with a strictly defined share of FSC®-certified wood and recycled materials. The ventilation and cooling concept includes heat recovery systems and energy-efficient components with modern control units. The new store concept is scheduled to be rolled out to all own retail stores by 2025.

Existing stores will also be renovated according to the new concept

New stores won’t be the only ones to benefit from the new concept: Existing stores will also be adapted to the new concept and renovated according to an individual schedule.

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