Energy & Emissions

Using energy efficiently
In particular, this means reducing energy consumption and emissions: we pursue both of these goals at all HUGO BOSS locations. Therefore, we follow strict environmental and energy management systems in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 and 50001, as well as the GREENBUDGET program. It was introduced throughout the Group to promote environmental and energy-saving measures.


One lever for reducing CO2 emissions at our own corporate facilities is saving energy. In 2018, we introduced the GREENBUDGET program throughout the Group to promote environmental and energy-saving measures – these can be submitted by subsidiaries globally and are prioritized on the basis of economic and environmental aspects.  One example from 2019: The savings from switching to LED lighting at the locations in Metzingen (Germany) and Toronto (Canada) amount to approximately 1,200 MWh per year.

Our photovoltaic systems

With four of our own photovoltaic systems, we also contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by generating renewable energy ourselves. In total, approx. 850 MWh of green electricity is generated per year, the majority of which is consumed within the Company. This is equivalent to the annual consumption of around 170 four-person households.

Certified green electricity

By switching to renewable electricity, we want to further reduce our CO2 footprint. The power supply at the company's headquarters in Metzingen has consisted of 100% certified green electricity since 2017. Other locations in nine European countries also use green electricity. In total, 52% of the electricity consumed within the Group in 2019 came from renewable energy sources. This percentage increased significantly compared to previous years.


  • Reduction of CO₂ emissions (Scope 1+2) by at least 51% by 2030

    HUGO BOSS has set itself the goal of reducing Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions (fuel and energy related) by at least 51% by 2030 (base year 2018). This target was officially approved by the Science-Based-Targets-initiative. The implementation of numerous international energy and environmental projects and the switch of electricity to renewable energy sources have so far made a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

    Current status: Reduction of 24%

  • Reduction of CO₂ emissions (Scope 3) by 30% by 2030

    We have set ourselves the goal of reducing Scope 3 emissions by 30% by 2030 (base year 2018). Through continuous optimization of transport flows and close cooperation with our transport service providers, we have achieved a significant reduction in air freight and thus significantly lowered CO2 emissions.

    Current status: Reduction of 12%

  • Reduction of energy consumption (direct and indirect) in relation to area (m²) by 20% by 2030

    HUGO BOSS is committed to reducing the energy consumption (direct and indirect) in relation to area (m²) by 20% by 2030 (base year 2018) within the Company. The implementation of numerous energy projects in the past year has contributed to saving electricity. One of these is the switch to LED lighting in several administration buildings and distribution centers. The installation of an energy-management tool at our distribution center in Savannah (USA) and the renewal of the uninterruptible power supply systems in the German data centers also helped to reduce energy consumption.

    Current status: Reduction of 8%

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