Circular Design Training at HUGO BOSS

November 2018 - Last week we hosted a two-day Circular Fashion Design training for design, product development and procurement employee.

The aim of Circular Fashion Design is to develop and produce clothing in such a way that it can be returned to a cycle after wear. This helps to conserve resources. In order to achieve this, we have set ourselves corresponding goals as part of the "2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment" of the Global Fashion Agenda. This includes integrating circular design principles into the design briefings starting the Spring/Summer 2020 collection and training employees accordingly.

We developed and conducted the training together with the start-up gave the employees a comprehensive insight into which aspects have to be taken into account in the individual steps of textile production - from the design draft, through the dyeing and washing of the product to the manufacture of the garment.

Based on this, the employees have worked in the Design Thinking approach on their own prototypes of various product categories, such as suits, outerwear or knitwear, and thus applied and deepened their knowledge.