Our vision for the HUGO BOSS Foundation

Daniel Grieder – CEO
Corporate citizenship is an integral part of our company culture. Our new HUGO BOSS foundation will enable us to take our actions to the next level. To be bold for the planet is an important and exciting purpose. We want to fulfil this by supporting change-making initiatives around the world.
Daniel Grieder

Purpose of our work

After many years of active corporate citizenship work in the fields of education, equal opportunities, and emergency relief, HUGO BOSS seeks to make an even greater impact in 2023 and beyond, with the establishment of its own charitable foundation. In line with this ambition – and under the umbrella of the newly established foundation – the scope of the charitable activities of the Company will be extended to new partners, particularly in the fields of climate and environmental protection. The message is clear: we must be Bold for the Planet.

Focal points of our foundation's work


By supporting local, regional and global impact-driven projects, in areas such as flood prevention, climate innovation and education or the fight against plastic pollution, the foundation will help care for our planet, and empower its people. In doing so, HUGO BOSS supports the sustainable development of society, and is guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically those centered on climate action. There is a great need for immediate action on environmental protection, worldwide. Above all, we need new approaches to combat the climate crisis, use our planet's resources responsibly and sustainably, and reduce waste. With innovative, smart ideas and impact-driven financial support, we will be able to better ensure that today's youth and future generations can continue to live on the planet.


HUGO BOSS strives for a world that gives everyone the opportunity to thrive, and to live boldly and confidently. For this to happen, everyone needs, not only, to believe in themselves, but also in our shared future. Therefore, we, at HUGO BOSS, will continue to support diverse educational projects as part of our foundation’s work.

Organization of the Foundation

The HUGO BOSS Foundation (HUGO BOSS Stiftung gGmbH) has taken up its work on January 1, 2023, and is a full subsidiary of HUGO BOSS AG. It is be led by three directors: HUGO BOSS AG CEO Daniel Grieder, HUGO BOSS AG CFO/COO Yves Müller and Dorothee Niebergall, SVP Group Strategy & Corporate Development of HUGO BOSS AG.

Means of income

The main income stream of the foundation will be the new “Every Purchase Counts” initiative, effective from January 1, 2023. From this date onwards, we will donate 5 cents for each of our own products (excluding licensed products) sold offline and online worldwide, meaning that every BOSS and HUGO customer will play a part in supporting the work of the foundation. Additional funding will potentially come from donations from partners and voluntary employee donations.

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