First vegan BOSS suit

The first vegan suit from BOSS, presented under the brand's Responsible Tailoring campaign, demonstrates how animal materials can be successfully and completely replaced in garment production.


A premium men's suit traditionally contains animal materials such as wool or horsehair in the internal canvas. In the case of the vegan suit, these have been replaced by vegan alternatives of high quality. The fabric is made of 100 percent linen, which comes from controlled organic European cultivation, while the lining consists of viscose. The animal welfare organization PETA awarded the vegan suit with the “PETA-Approved Vegan” label. The suit is produced at the company’s headquarters in Metzingen.


Traceable wool products for BOSS Menswear and Womenswear are also part of the Responsible Tailoring campaign. These styles are developed with the guarantee that the entire production process is carefully monitored and followed – from the origin of the wool to the finished product. The resulting collection of merino wool designs was produced with the utmost care for the animals and sustainable production methods.


The Traceable Wool capsule collection and the vegan suit are available in our online store as well as in retail stores.