Happy Factory Initiative in Izmir receives international recognition

As an organization, the wellbeing and satisfaction of our employees is of utmost importance. We are therefore pleased to announce that we will receive two international prizes for the work of our colleagues in Izmir on improving employee wellness and satisfaction. From the Brandon Hall Group, we will receive a Gold Award for “Best Benefits, Wellness and Wellbeing Program”. In addition to that, we will also receive a Bronze Stevie Award for “Achievement in Workplace Health & Wellbeing”.

Our colleagues in Izmir have been working actively on a new approach to improve workers’ health, wellbeing and satisfaction through the so-called “Happy Factory”. This is after they had already received widespread recognition for their efforts in reducing the environmental impact of the facility.

The awarding judges valued the educational nature of the “Happy Factory” and the variety of training sessions, seminars, health screenings, studies and social efforts. The awarding judges particularly praised the significant decrease in work-related illnesses and increase in employee satisfaction which followed the introduction of ergonomic workspaces.