HUGO BOSS cooperates with Canopy to protect endangered forests

As a new partner of the non-profit environmental organization Canopy, HUGO BOSS is underlining its commitment to the protection of ancient and endangered forests worldwide in its choice of packaging paper and cardboard and in its use of cellulosic fabrics such as viscose.

The aim of the cooperation is to increase awareness of forest conservation, to work with suppliers to positively shape complex wood supply chains in the long term, and to develop next generation solutions. After all, our forests are of great importance to people, the environment and animals. They preserve global water and material cycles, protect the climate and maintain biodiversity.

How we can use wood as a raw material while at the same time protecting the environment

Forests serve as an important source of raw materials. Paper also plays an important role in packaging materials at HUGO BOSS. In addition, wood is also a starting material for some textiles: fibers such as viscose, modal and lyocell are derived from wood. In collaboration with Canopy, we at HUGO BOSS are working to source these materials as sustainably as possible. Accordingly, we have established clear purchasing criteria. Our targets include, among others, the following focus areas:

- Reduced use of paper and packaging materials

- Reusable packaging

- steadily increasing proportion of recycled materials

- Wood from sustainably managed, certified forests (FSC)

- Innovative and alternative packaging materials and fiber sources

All targets and guiding principles that contribute to the protection of forests are summarized in the Commitment to Protect Forests through our Paper, Packaging and Fabrics Choices, which was developed in cooperation with Canopy.