HUGO BOSS improves ISS ESG Corporate Rating result

HUGO BOSS has once again received a very good sustainability rating. As more and more institutional and private investors take climate and environmental risks, social factors and aspects of corporate management into account when making investment decisions, this achievement is particularly important. ESG (environment, social and governance) criteria are considered in the evaluation of the sustainability management of companies by the ISS ESG Corporate Rating, among others.

The scoring ranges from D- to the top rating A+; in our industry, the maximum rating awarded is currently a B-. In this year's rating, HUGO BOSS not only maintained its good rating compared to last year, but even improved it. With a result of C+ Prime, we have once again achieved prime status. HUGO BOSS thus performs better than average for our specific sector and is only just behind the top performers. Prime status is an official recommendation for those who wish to invest in more sustainable companies.

HUGO BOSS performed particularly well in the area of transparency. In addition, we improved in the areas of society and product sustainability as well as in the area of environment, especially in the categories of environmental management and products and services.