HUGO BOSS published White Paper on Environmental Impact Valuation

October 2016 – Building up on the Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) conducted for a series of supply chains of various products (shoes, jersey, knitwear, shirt, t-shirt, jeans, etc.), HUGO BOSS explored the framework called “Natural Capital Protocol” as partner of the deep dive program of the “Natural Capital Coalition”. The protocol offers a standardized framework to identify, measure, and value impacts and dependencies on natural capital 

The application of the Natural Capital Protocol allows HUGO BOSS to translate the environmental impacts (e.g. Climate change (kg CO2-eq), Freshwater ecotoxicity (CTUe), etc.) that were detected in the LCAs into monetary values. Thereby, the Company is now able to compare the impacts against one another and to identify the major environmental hot spots of the analyzed supply chains. When taking the supply chain of a cotton t-shirt as an example, the largest effects on the environment result from the process of cotton cultivation and its chemical refinement. This knowledges puts HUGO BOSS in the position to define appropriate mitigation strategies in the future.

Details of the analysis were published in a White Paper, which is available on our website here.