HUGO BOSS receives seal of quality from Corporate Health Award in Excellence Class

January 2019 - In November 2018, HUGO BOSS was awarded with the quality seal of the Corporate Health Award in the Excellence Class for its outstanding achievements in occupational health management.

In 2018, EuPD Research Sustainable Management, Handelsblatt and the ias Group awarded the quality seals of the award to companies for the tenth time that are among the most prestigious awards for occupational health management in Germany.  

The prerequisite for receiving the quality seal is passing a full-day "Corporate Health Audit". This audit checks whether the company is pursuing a forward-looking, holistic and sustainable health strategy. Companies awarded in the Excellence Class can demonstrate that their corporate health management is structurally and strategically integrated into corporate processes and promotes a company-wide health culture. Employees benefit from comprehensive health services tailored to their needs and are sustainably strengthened in their performance and motivation.  

The audit is regarded as a benchmark and motivates us as a company to continuously develop further and thus meet the changing needs of our employees.