Making a difference – the "Tamil Nadu" initiative is proving effective

March 2019 – At the beginning of March, HUGO BOSS participated at the second major conference of the "Tamil Nadu" initiative of the German Partnership for Sustainable Textiles taking on the role as an active representative of the companies involved. Together with the implementation partners, such as the local non-governmental organization SAVE, and in dialogue with the representatives of the local textile industry, HUGO BOSS stands up for a sustainable improvement of working conditions on site.

To achieve this, further trainings on employee rights will be held in spinning mills and textile factories, which will be conducted by experts from SAVE. Like this, 3,500 workers have so far been informed about their rights. In cooperation with the management of the textile mills, complaints committees are set up after completion of the training, which will also be accompanied in their committee work from now on. The initiative is currently focusing on creating the necessary structures and seeks to strengthen the dialogue and cooperation between all relevant stakeholders.

Mary Vijakula, Executive Director at SAVE, stresses the great importance of the work the Partnership of Sustainable Textiles provides, as young women often cannot openly claim their rights: “It is a great step forward that the initiative directly involves the young women inside the factory in setting up an appropriate mechanism to provide redress for grievances.” (Read the complete interview with Mary Vijakula here).

By the end of February 2020, the training programs will be implemented in up to 300 factories. In addition, the dialogue between the local stakeholders will be further intensified - also through getting in touch directly with members from the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles. Like this, the first milestones on the road to improving working conditions have been achieved. Nevertheless, much remains to be done to meet the initiative's goals. We at HUGUO BOSS will therefore continue to play an active part. Find out more about the initiative here.